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New Developer Resource Center

If you’re a developer who’s noticed that state after state (and country after country) are legalizing medical & recreational marijuana, we’ve got a new resource for you.

The Developer Resource Center is a new page we’ve created to help give you the details you need to sell your services to the cannabis industry, creating beautiful websites for dispensaries and delivery services using our products.

freelance WordPress developer resources - WordPress marijuana theme & plugin tutorials

Our add-on’s are like building blocks

WP Dispensary gives you the ability to create a beautiful dispensary menu with WordPress, and the add-on’s we offer help you to extend it’s functionality based on your clients needs.

For instance, we have an Inventory Management add-on that lets you – you guessed it – manage your menu item’s inventory.

There’s also the Heavyweights add-on for your clients who need to sell larger quantities of flower (with options from 2oz up to 3lb).

You can also easily mark which items are top sellers and easily display them via widget or shortcode.

We also have an add-on that lets you separate menu items by location, which is perfect for dispensaries with multiple locations or delivery services that only offer specific medicine to specific cities/counties.

There’s also the free Age Verification & Coupons add-on’s available to download directly from the WordPress plugin directory.

Matching your client’s brand is a breeze

While WP Dispensary will work with any WordPress theme you choose to use, we do offer our own custom commercial theme, CannaBiz, that you can use to build your client’s website with.

The CannaBiz WordPress theme is the #1 marijuana theme on the market.

Not only because it’s been available longer than any other theme in this industry, it’s been built to work seamlessly with the WP Dispensary plugin and available add-on’s.

CannaBiz WordPress marijuana theme

For instance, it comes pre-built with the archive templates for the various custom post types and taxonomies that are used to power WPD.

It also comes with custom styles for the Coupons add-on, making it easy for patients to print off the coupon to bring in.

Beyond that, it has a ton of options built into the customizer, making it a breeze to upload your clients logo, change the colors of the theme to match their brand, change the fonts and add in your own custom sliders into the home page.

We also just released our Styles add-on which takes the customization abilities even further by adding in additional color options into the customizer to change the colors of the Details and Pricing tables, shortcode item title and details text.

It also has a new display option that lets you change the view of the menu to be more text-based, which is perfect for dispensaries or delivery services who don’t have custom images for each of their products yet.

WP Dispensary's Styles add-on list display
click to view full size

The add-on also lets the “Buy Now” buttons that are output by our Connect for WooCommerce add-on open the product details in a modal pop up instead of loading an entirely new page.

WP Dispensary's Styles modal pop up example
click to view full size

Use our code snippets to do more

We’ve already released our top 5 favorite code snippets to extend WP Dispensary, with example codes for you to use in your projects.

WordPress developer code snippets for WP Dispensary
click to view code snippets

We also have a full list of available filters, functions and action hooks in our Documentation, making it easy for you to write your own custom code to extend the WP Dispensary plugin even further.

What would you like to see?

Is there a resource you’d like to see, or a question you have that you’d like an answer for?

Let us know and we’ll do everything we can to make it happen!

For now, check out the Developer Resource Center and learn more about how WP Dispensary is built for you to succeed!

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