Dispensary Coupons version 1.5

Not only is the Coupons add-on the first free add-on we released, it’s also always one of the most enjoyable to work on and continue improving.

With version 1.5’s release, the coupons link in the admin dashboard will now show up under the WP Dispensary menu, like the image below.

Coupons in the WP Dispensary menu

This update does require WPD version 1.9.8+ in order to work properly, so please make sure to keep your site updated with the most recent releases.

Extending Coupons

If you’re looking for other ways that the Coupons add-on has been being enhanced, check out the recent CannaBiz theme’s version 1.6 release notes.

It now has style customizer options for you to change the color of your coupons in the widget & shortcode.

Plus, there’s a pretty unique way for the single coupon page to display (make sure to click “Go Back” ?)

WP Dispensary's Coupons add-on
check out a live example

Upcoming releases

We already have a list of things we want to build into the Coupons add-on, so over the next month or two you will see a couple of significant updates to how it works and what’s possible with the Coupons add-on & it’s integration into the WPD ecosystem.

In the meantime, you can download it from WordPress plugin directory to check it out with your own coupons and reach out through our support page with any questions, feature requests and bug reports.


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