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The WP Dispensary eCommerce add-on streamline’s interactions between your retail shop and customers, allowing your customers to browse and order their favorite products directly through your website.

This means your budtender’s have time to prepare the order before your patient comes through the door, decreasing customer wait time and increasing customer happiness.

Don’t have a physical shop and only offer delivery? We’ve got you covered there, too!

Payment Types

The WP Dispensary eCommerce add-on includes 3 payment types:

  • Cash on delivery
  • In-store pickup
  • Curbside pickup
  • Ground shipping
Payments settings

WP Dispensary’s administration settings page includes a Payments tab with options to enable the payment option of your choice and add the amount you would like to charge (if any).

Then, your patients will be able to select which payment option they’d like during checkout.

Easily add sales & excise taxes

The WP Dispensary eCommerce add-on also includes options for you to easily add in your state required sales tax and excise tax, which then calculates and displays those totals on the Cart and Checkout pages.

General settings

Customer Verification

If your dispensary offers medical marijuana, this verification system will help you ensure that everyone who signs up as a medical patient is a valid card carrying member.

In your WP Dispensary Settings page there is a Customers tab, which has checkbox options for you to hide/show each field, including Drivers License or Valid ID and Doctor Recommendation uploads, plus recommendation number and expiration date input fields.

Customer Settings

Manage your orders

The eCommerce add-on also includes a page in your administration dashboard to review and update orders made through your website.

WP Dispensary eCommerce software
example order details

Turn your online menu into a sales machine

The eCommerce add-on for WP Dispensary is the perfect tool to increase your cannabusiness bottom line and turns simplicity into success.

Example product view

It’s never been easier to turn your dispensary business website into an online sales funnel that is guaranteed to increase the overall size and quantity of orders.

All while making your customers happy by giving them the ability to shop from the comfort of their own home, and as we all know – simplicity matters in online sales.

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Your store, your way

With WP Dispensary and the eCommerce add-on, you have complete control of your store, from taxes and stock levels to customer accounts, order management and much, much more.

Get the eCommerce add-on Now!

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