Easily add Flower weights from 2 oz up to 12 lbs.



Go big or go home 💪💯

With the Heavyweights add-on for WP Dispensary, you are able to add Flower prices for 2 oz, all the way up to 12 pounds!

This add-on is perfect for any dispensary or delivery services that deals with larger quantities of weight, with it’s instant front end display alongside the regular pricing box, it’s seamless in it’s integration with WPD, and a breeze to use.

Simply add your heavyweight prices into the Heavyweight Prices box in your Add Flower screen, and the add-on takes care of the rest!

Heavyweights prices box

The Heavyweight Pricing box shows up right under your regular pricing, so the front end display is just as clean and seamless as the back end integration.

Heavyweights front end display
example front end display

We’ve also included REST API endpoints for each of the new weights, which will make your heavyweight pricing immediately accessible through your website’s API.

Buy the Heavyweights extension now!

includes 1 year support & updates

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