WP Dispensary code snippets for WordPress

CannaBiz WordPress Theme Code Snippets

Our CannaBiz WordPress theme comes pre-packaged with a lot of customization features, which we’ll be going over later this week. But to keep #CannaBizWeek going, let’s go over some of the ways that you can use our CannaBiz theme and extend it with simple code snippets to suit your specific needs. Add a newsletter box […]

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New Developer Resource Center

If you’re a developer who’s noticed that state after state (and country after country) are legalizing medical & recreational marijuana, we’ve got a new resource for you. The Developer Resource Center is a new page we’ve created to help give you the details you need to sell your services to the cannabis industry, creating beautiful […]

WP Dispensary code snippets for WordPress

Top 5 WP Dispensary Code Snippets

If you haven’t been following our tweets, you may not have noticed that we’ve been overhauling our documentation using the DocuPress plugin. While adding the currently available docs in, I noticed that there were a few code snippets that have been created over the last few months that highlight how easy it is to customize WPD. […]

How to use WP Dispensary’s WooConnect add-on

Please Note: This tutorial is outdated. As of WooConnect version 2.0+ there is a new how-to tutorial. The goal for WP Dispensary has always been, and will always be to be the cannabis industry’s #1 dispensary menu management solution. This new add-on is really pushing to make that happen because as of today you are […]

How to easily manage your dispensary inventory

The goal for WP Dispensary is to be the cannabis industry’s #1 dispensary menu management solution. This trend towards providing maximum value is continued today with the release of the Dispensary Inventory add-on for WP Dispensary. Dispensary Inventory lets you easily manage the inventory of every item in your menu. Not only can you easily […]

How to create a list of your top selling dispensary menu items

Most dispensaries who have top shelf cannabis want to show it off. With WP Dispensary and our new Dispensary Top Sellers add-on, you’re now able to easily create a list of your top selling menu items and display them on your website. The extension adds a custom shortcode and widget that both allow you to […]

WP Dispensary's Locations add-on

How to easily manage menus for multiple dispensary locations

The cannabis industry is on the rise, and so are the number of multiple dispensary locations run by a single business owner. In August 2015, dispensaries in Colorado broke the 100 million dollar mark in monthly pot sales, and the numbers have only grown nationwide since. Our #1 goal here at WP Dispensary is to […]