Easily let patients place orders directly on your website.



Automatically add connected WooCommerce products to WPD items

Every time you create (or edit) a WPD item, the add-on will grab those updated details (title, content, pricing, featured image, etc) and send those updated details to the connected WooCommerce product for you, automatically.

Add WP Dispensary menu item details to your WooCommerce product

The item details are pulled directly from the WP Dispensary menu item you select when adding your product to WooCommerce and displayed in the front end for users to see.

Automatically adds a “Buy Now” button to WP Dispensary menu items

Beyond adding the item details to your new WooCommerce product, the connect plugin adds a buy now button to your WP Dispensary menu item.

Pay on pickup Payment Gateway

The WooCommerce Connect plugin adds a new Payment Gateway option called Pay on Pickup which means no money transactions are done through the web. The order is placed and you’re notified when a new order comes in so you can have the medicine ready for your patient.

Patient Documentation File Upload

Another feature baked right into the WooCommerce Connect add-on for WooCommerce is the file upload option so you can have patients upload any legal documentation or scans required before orders are processed.

Below you can see screenshots for the WooCommerce Connect extension or read our tutorial on using WP Dispensary’s WooConnect for WooCommerce plugin.

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