Dispensary Details for WooCommerce Doctor Recommendation requirement before checkout

Dispensary Details for WooCommerce v1.5 Release Notes

In our continued effort to provide you with products that make running your online website’s product menu easier, version 1.5 of our Dispensary Details for WooCommerce plugin has been released. Let’s check out what’s new! Require recommendation before checkout Version 1.5 of the Dispensary Details for WooCommerce plugin includes a new option in the Dispensary […]

Recent Plugin Updates

There are small updates happening at a rapid pace across our entire ecosystem of extensions, in preparation for the new shopping cart add-on (codename: CannaCart) that’s in the works (see teaser here). Instead of publishing short posts about each one individually, this post will give quick overviews of the updates to each respective plugin. WP […]

Accurate Stock Quantity Management with the Dispensary Details for WooCommerce plugin

Dispensary Details for WooCommerce v1.3 Release Notes

Fair Warning: because of this new release, the excitement levels are extremely high around the office. See what I did there? But why all the excitement, you might ask? Because the v1.3 release of Dispensary Details for WooCommerce marks the beginning of accurate stock quantity management for your dispensary with WooCommerce. Better Stock Quantity Management for Dispensaries […]


Dispensary Details for WooCommerce v1.2 Release Notes

As summer continues to warm up, so do the add-on’s for WP Dispensary, and today we’re releasing some new 🔥🔥 for our Dispensary Details for WooCommerce plugin. Version 1.2 adds new detail options for tinctures to your WooCommerce products, as well as two new Settings options. Let’s break down each of the new features in […]

CannaBiz - WordPress marijuana theme

CannaBiz version 2.0

Our CannaBiz WordPress theme just turned 2 and today it’s being pumped full of fresh oxygen with the release of version 2.0. These updates include new custom fonts options, actions hooks, add-on & WooCommerce support, and more! Let’s check out the new features and updates in CannaBiz v2.0! New font choices and control options One […]

Dispensary Details for WooCommerce v1.1 Release Notes

In our continued effort to provide the absolute best cannabis software solution for dispensaries and delivery services, the Dispensary Details for WooCommerce add-on is being updated with a bunch of new features. New tab added to WooCommerce Settings The biggest change in this release is the inclusion of a new Dispensary Details tab in the […]

Connect for WooCommerce v2.4 Release Notes

We are just a few days away from 4/20, so let’s start celebrating early with a new release for our Connect for WooCommerce extension 🎉 Version 2.4 is packed with a bunch of filter changes, bug fixes and code quality updates. Let’s dive in and see what’s new! 👌 Multiple filter updates Version 2.4 of […]

Connect for WooCommerce - WP Dispensary

Connect for WooCommerce v2.3 Release Notes

Today we are releasing a minor update to our Connect for WooCommerce extension, which adds integration with the Gear and Tinctures add-on’s we recently released. Integration with Gear add-on Our new Gear extension adds in a Gear menu type for you to you easily display your merchandise within your WP Dispensary menu. Connect for WooCommerce version 2.3 […]