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Connect for WooCommerce v2.3 Release Notes

Today we are releasing a minor update to our Connect for WooCommerce extension, which adds integration with the Gear and Tinctures add-on’s we recently released.

Integration with Gear add-on

Our new Gear extension adds in a Gear menu type for you to you easily display your merchandise within your WP Dispensary menu.

Connect for WooCommerce version 2.3 adds in support for the Gear add-on.

This means that when you create a new Gear item, it’ll automatically create, and connect, a WooCommerce product just like the add-on does for all of our default menu types.

There’s also code to check if you have the Inventory Management add-on installed.

If it’s active, Connect for WooCommerce will take the inventory count from WooCommerce and update your WP Dispensary menu item’s inventory every time someone places a new order on your site.

Integration with Tinctures add-on

Connect for WooCommerce version 2.3 also adds in support for the Tinctures add-on.

When you’re adding new Tinctures menu items, this version of the Connect for WooCommerce add-on will automatically add, and connect, a WooCommerce product, just like the default WP Dispensary menu types.

The Inventory Management check is also in place for the Tinctures menu type, so your WP Dispensary inventory data will automatically update on every successful sale through WooCommerce of the connected product.

Download our WooCommerce add-on

If your dispensary is looking for a way to let patients place orders directly through your website, our Connect for WooCommerce add-on is exactly what you’re looking for.

Head over to the add-on’s product page and get your copy today!

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