Dispensary Details for WooCommerce v1.1 Release Notes

In our continued effort to provide the absolute best cannabis software solution for dispensaries and delivery services, the Dispensary Details for WooCommerce add-on is being updated with a bunch of new features.

New tab added to WooCommerce Settings

The biggest change in this release is the inclusion of a new Dispensary Details tab in the WooCommerce Settings area.

click to enlarge

This new settings page will house all of the new features that are being worked on for the Dispensary Details add-on (*hint* there’s a LOT of new updates coming).

Let’s look at each of the current options available in the Dispensary Details Settings page, which you can find by going to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Dispensary Details in your WordPress dashboard.

Add a minimum order requirement before patients can checkout

The feature that we’re constantly asked about is how to set a minimum order amount before a patient is able to place their order.

As you can see from the above screenshot, the Dispensary Details Settings has a text box that you are able to add a minimum order amount to (example: 100).

If a user tries to check out without reaching the minimum order amount, a notice will display on their screen to let them know that their order needs to be updated to meet the minimum requirements.

Dispensary Details for WooCommerce - Minimum order amount requirement
Example from our CannaBiz theme

This works really well for delivery services who want to require a specific dollar amount before making the trip to deliver medicine to the patient.

Add a redirect for non-logged in users who try to view the Checkout page

In order to make sure every order placed on your website is submitted by a verified patient, you can not set a checkout page redirect for any user that is not logged in.

You can use this to redirect the user to a login page, like the example below.

This also works well if you have a custom patient registration form that needs to be filled out before a patient can become a member of your website.

Simply select the page you’d like users redirected to in your Dispensary Details Settings page and the add-on does the rest for you!

Update “Shipping” references to “Delivery”

This update also adds an option for a delivery service to change all “Shipping” references on your website to “Delivery”.

For instance, if you are planning on deliveries, it wouldn’t make sense for the checkout page to say Shipping: $5.

Instead, by selecting “Yes” from the Delivery option in your Dispensary Details Settings, you can have your checkout page display Delivery: $5.

Example “Delivery” in Checkout

Selecting “Yes” will also change other references from “Shipping” to “Delivery” throughout your online store as well.

Again, set it and let the add-on do the rest of the heavy lifting for you 👍

Dispensary Details for WooCommerce v1.1

You can grab version 1.1 of the Dispensary Details for WooCommerce add-on from it’s product page.

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