WP Dispensary menu management

WP Dispensary version 1.9.8

We updated the WP Dispensary menu management plugin to version 1.9.8 which includes changes to the way your WordPress admin dashboard displays the WP Dispensary related links.

An updated menu experience

With this update, we’ve focused on updated the user experience within your WordPress dashboard.

Previous versions of WPD had a WP Dispensary menu link in your admin dashboard for the main settings as well as 6 other menu items for each WPD menu type (Flowers, Concentrates, etc).

It was scattered and not as intuitive as it should have been, so we have updated all WPD related pages to show as WP Dispensary submenu items.

WP Dispensary menu management
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We’ve already updated our Coupons and Locations add-on’s to add their links to the admin menu.


You should have a notification in your WordPress dashboard for the release and instant-update.

You can also download it directly from the WordPress plugin directory.


  • Added Settings link for WP Dispensary on the plugins page in wp-dispensary.php
  • Removed all custom post type’s from admin dashboard menu in admin/post-types/
  • Updated placement of WP Dispensary in the admin dashboard menu, and added menu type links to sub-menu in admin/wp-dispensary-admin-settings.php

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