WP DIspensary's Locations add-on

Dispensary Locations version 1.2

We’ve updated our Locations add-on to version 1.2 which does one small but fairly important update.

In WPD version 1.9.8 we updated the admin menu to all be housed under the WP Dispensary tab, which includes a settings page and all of the menu types (Flowers, Concentrates, etc).

Version 1.2 of our Locations add-on updates the WP Dispensary admin menu to now include a link for the locations editor screen.

WP Dispensary's Locations add-on admin dashboard screen
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What’s next?

We’ve got a few more updates to push out for other add-on’s along with the CannaBiz update we released a couple of days ago, so you can expect those to be published throughout the week.

From there, we’ve got another list of updates to get funneled into the release cycle.

It’s safe to say July will be jam packed with new features, new add-on’s and new ways for you to give your dispensary a website you’re proud to promote!

Thank you for your continued support ?

You’re the reason that WPD is growing as fast as it is and I appreciate you choosing WPD for your online menu solution!

Download our Locations add-on

Don’t have the Locations add-on yet? Read the tutorial on how to manage your locations or buy your copy below.

includes 1 year support & updates

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