CannaBiz version 1.6

We’ve been working hard to enhance the user experience on our website an the connection between CannaBiz and the add-on’s we offer.

This is the first in six upcoming articles detailing updates we’ve released recently, including WPD version 1.9.8 & four different add-on’s!

CannaBiz has gone through a lot of changes in the last couple of weeks, having released version 1.5 just 10 days ago and now coming with another nice sized list of enhancements!

Massroots, Weedmaps & Leafly social icons

We’ve updated the Social tab in the CannaBiz Customizer with 3 new websites that I’m sure you’ll enjoy having as options ?

Massroots, Weedmaps and Leafly social icons
CannaBiz social icons


Now not only can you show links to all of the mainstram social media accounts you have, you can also link to your profile on three of the biggest websites in the cannabis industry!

You can find the social settings by going to Appearance > Customizeand clicking the Social tab.

Here’s how the options look within the Customizer.

Increased connection with Coupons add-on

As we move forward, the connection between each add-on and the CannaBiz theme will continue getting deeper.

This update is a perfect example of that.

You are now able to go to Appearance > Customize > Colors and update the border & background colors for the included widget and shortcode.

CannaBiz now also has custom template files included to change the way the Coupons are displayed on your website.

When viewing a single Coupon link, the page will now be blank, with only your logo & the coupon displaying.

WP Dispensary's Coupons add-on
click to view demo

check out a live example of the coupons in action in our CannaBiz demo sidebar.

Sidebar widgets for all menu types

You can now add widgets to specifically show up on the menu type of your choice.

These items will show up on top of any widgets currently in your Sidebar widget area.

This is a good way to use the WPD Flowers widget, for instance, and setting it to display 1 random Edible.

This way, any time someone views a Flower page on your website, they’ll see additional edible options to accompany their flower purchase.

More page title control

In the Customizer there’s currently an option for Pages where you can hide the page title bar from view site-wide.

You will now see a CannaBiz Page Title meta box to check, which will display the page title bar on that page, regardless of what setting you selected in the Customizer.

CannaBiz WordPress theme page title control

This is the first in an upcoming set of changes to give even more control to the theme display options.

Quick fixes

Along with the larger updates above, we also updated font awesome to it’s most recent version and removed one of the two edit links on single menu item’s.

There is also now a max-width set for the logo image that you upload, which is 400px. You can edit this via CSS by targeting the .site-branding img element.

We also added a minified version of the css/cannabiz.css which can now be found at css/cannabiz.min.css

Concentrates archive price display update

The CannaBiz theme has custom templates in place for the WP Dispensary menu types, and the Concentrates archive received an update to it’s pricing output.

CannaBiz style of WP Dispensary's Concentrates archive

What’s next

If you follow us on Twitter, you will have seen a tweet with a screenshot of the articles we’ve currently got in line to publish.

While those articles are getting published, the next round of updates are already in queue, as well as a couple of new add-on releases being built.

All Summer 17 ??

For now, go check your email for the updated files, and if you haven’t purchased your copy of CannaBiz yet, what are you waiting for?

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  • Added new social links for Massroots, Weedmaps and Leafly in inc/template-tags.php and added CSS for the images in css/cannabiz.css
  • Added css/ie.css to hide the three new icons in IE since it doesnt support the mask-image property yet
  • Added Customizer options for WP Dispensarys Coupons plugin to color the background and dashed border
  • Added Sidebar widget areas for each WPD menu type in functions.php and sidebar.php
  • Added “CannaBiz Page Title” meta box for pages in inc/template-tags.php that lets users override the Customizer setting and display the page title
  • Added custom template files for WPDs Coupons add-on, styling the single coupon page to only show a large coupon.
  • Added minified version of the css/cannabiz.css file & enqueue it in functions.php
  • Added CSS in css/cannabiz.css to add a default max-width for logo images that are uploaded through the Customizer
  • Updated pricing output for Concentrates in inc/template-tags.php and added CSS for margin of the prices in css/cannabiz.css
  • Updated font awesome to version 4.7.0 in functions.php
  • Updated header.php to include the IE conditional include of css/ie.css
  • Removed the “Edit” button that showed up in the top right on single posts and pages

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