WooConnect version 1.2 - add-on for WP Dispensary and WooCommerce

WooConnect Version 1.2

We’ve just updated our WooConnect add-on that connects WP Dispensary to WooCommerce.

This update brings you the ability to hide the file upload form on the cart/checkout, as well as some general code clean up to help prepare for future releases.

Take pre-orders on your website with WPD & WooCommerce

For those of you who aren’t aware of the WooConnect add-on, it was built in order to help connect your WP Dispensary menu items to products for sale in WooCommerce.

When you use WooConnect, you get the “pay on pickup” payment option for WooCommerce, as well as a way to include a file upload form on the cart or checkout page (selected in the WooConnect Settings page).

The file upload is perfect for times when you need to verify a patient has a valid ID & active cannabis card.

Although it seemed like it was best to require it, some website solutions have membership areas built in, so the file upload form isn’t needed at all.

Hide your file upload form

In the previous versions of WooConnect, there was only two options for the file upload form – display it on the cart page or the checkout page.

With the release of version 1.2 of WooConnect you’re able to check “Don’t Display”, which will hide the form altogether from both the cart and checkout pages.

WooConnect file upload - WooCommerce add-on for WP Dispensary
The new “Don’t Display” option in WooConnect’s Settings

When selecting this option, it will also override the “required” field further down the WooConnect settings page.

Continued code clean up

For developers who are working with the WooConnect code, you’ll notice that this update brings a lot of WordPress Coding Standards to the plugin, as well as general code clean up.

Version 1.2 includes some code organization that will not only help other developers looking through the code, but will help us with the upcoming releases we have planned.

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