WP Dispensary's WooConnect for WooCommerce

Say Hello to WooConnect Version 2.0

WP Dispensary's Connect for WooCommerce

Behind the scenes we’ve been silently working on a significant update to our best selling extension, WooConnect.

We’re going to go over some of what you can expect with this release.

Automatic syncing with WooCommerce

The largest pain point for customers who are using WooConnect is that you have to add an item to WPD, then add a product to WooCommerce and select the WPD product before you publish it.

Takes your breath away just saying it, doesn’t it? ?

Since the original build of WooConnect, the goal was to get the add-on to work automatically, without the need to manually add in your connections.

Version 2.0 fixes this issue & make using WooConnect a million times easier.

Adding WPD items

With the release of version 2.0, you are able to add a product to WP Dispensary and have it automatically add that same product to WooCommerce.

It will connect the WP Dispensary item to WooCommerce’s Product via the metabox and add the View DetailsBuy Now button to your WP Dispensary shortcodes like you see below.

This means there’s only one step required to get your WP Dispensary menu items linked together with WooCommerce products – add a WP Dispensary item 🙂

Updating WPD items

Updating your item details is just as simple!

Version 2.0 allows you to update the WP Dispensary items after you add them, and each update to WPD items will also automatically update the connected WooCommerce product.

For instance, you can now change the pricing of a Flower you have in your WPD menu and it will automatically update that price in your connected WooCommerce product.

Code clean up, new filters & inventory management

This update includes some much needed love and attention to the code for developers looking to extend and customize WooConnect.

The original version of the WooConnect add-on was built quickly and we’ve been iterating through changes and updates with each subsequent release.

Version 2.0 has a lot of code clean up done so that if you’re a developer looking through the code, finding what you’re looking for will now be a lot easier.

New Filters

There’s also some added filters for the Buy Now and View Details buttons that get added.

These filters give you the ability to not only change the text for each of those buttons to phrases you’d like, but you can also filter the entire link itself, adding your own CSS classes or additional code/data.

The following filters are now available through the WooConnect add-on, with more being added in future releases:

  • wpdwc_buy_now_button_text
  • wpdwc_buy_now_button_link
  • wpdwc_view_details_button_text
  • wpdwc_view_details_button_link

Now, let’s say you’d like to change the buy now button text to something other than “Buy Now”.

You can do that by adding the following code your themes functions.php file or within your own custom plugin.

/** Function to change the Connect for WooCommerce 'buy now' button text */
function acme_buy_now_button() {
    echo 'New Button Text';
add_filter( 'wpdwc_buy_now_button_text', 'acme_buy_now_button' );

Inventory Management

With this release, we also updated WooConnect to work in conjunction with our Inventory Management add-on.

Version 2.0 of WooConnect now has a built in function that will fire off every time a sale is made through WooCommerce.

It will automatically update the WP Dispensary Inventory Management metabox with the available inventory amount in WooCommerce.

All done without you having to touch a single thing 🙂

Download WooConnect version 2.0 now!

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