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Recent Plugin Updates #2

WP Dispensary and it’s extensions have seen a lot of upgrades over the last few weeks, and I’m not even including the redesign of the CannaBiz theme in it’s v2.1 release 4 days ago. As mentioned in the previous round of plugin updates, we’re back with a brand new set of releases for WP Dispensary and its […]

Recent add-on updates

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve made updates to 4 of our add-on’s and we’d like to go over those changes with you in this article. Things are moving quick around the WP Dispensary offices. With 4/20 less than two weeks away, we’ve got big plans for that day and these smaller updates are […]

Dispensary Age Verification

If you’re running a dispensary website, you may find that certain laws in your state/country require you to verify a website visitors age before you let them view your content. As of today, if you’re using WP Dispensary you can now use our free add-on to check every website visitors age before they are able […]