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Recent Plugin Updates #2

WP Dispensary and it’s extensions have seen a lot of upgrades over the last few weeks, and I’m not even including the redesign of the CannaBiz theme in it’s v2.1 release 4 days ago.

CannaBiz WordPress theme - WP Dispensary menu display
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As mentioned in the previous round of plugin updates, we’re back with a brand new set of releases for WP Dispensary and its add-on’s.

And these ones are packed full of awesome shit!

Not only has WP Dispensary itself seen improvements in two separate versions since the v2.0.2 release from early September, but a few of our other add-on’s are also being updated too.

Let’s take a look at what’s been done throughout the WP Dispensary ecosystem over the last couple of weeks.

WP Dispensary v2.1 & v2.2

The core WP Dispensary plugin has seen pretty consistent updates this month, with version 2.0.2 being released at the start.

Since then, there have been two separate releases for WP Dispensary.

Version 2.1 added in a new taxonomy for Shelf Type, which lets you easily categorize your flower and pre-roll menu items by – you guessed it – shelf type.

So you can now easily let users know which top shelf flowers you have to offer, or add a discount shelf for buyers who are looking for the best deals.

This release also included updates for various function names and display text within the admin dashboard.

One update in v2.2 that I’m extremely excited about and one that’s been asked for by users for a while now is functionality for administrators to change the permalinks for each menu type.

For instance, if you want your link to your Flowers archive to no longer be yoursite.com/flowers/ but instead yoursite.com/cannabis/ you can do that in the WordPress Permalinks settings.

WP Dispensary's menu types permalink settings
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Age Verification v1.9

The Age Verification add-on is by far our most popular add-on and is currently active on 600+ websites.

While the version 2.0 development is underway, there were some style updates for the modal pop up that have been applied in the v1.9 release.

Dispensary Age Verification WordPress plugin - modal pop up screenshot
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This includes spacing and color choices, font sizes and wrappers – for instance, the “Sorry” text was previously all inside of an <h3> tag, but has been updated to match the main title and text html codes.

Dispensary Gear v1.4

This release includes a new .pot file for translations which will allow all of the text within the plugin to be translated into different languages.

Version 1.4 of the Dispensary Gear add-on also includes the option to change the /gear/ permalink base to anything you’d like, just like the updates to WP Dispensary’s core plugin.

WP Dispensary's Gear and Tinctures permalink settings

Dispensary Tinctures v1.3

This release follows along with the Gear v1.4 release and includes a new .pot file to help with plugin language translations.

With the WP Dispensary plugin and it’s add-on’s being used around the world, I know that translations are important and will be putting more emphasis on this for future releases as well.

Version 1.3 of the Dispensary Tinctures add-on also adds in the permalink base option like the rest of the menu types for WP Dispensary, as seen in the image above.

What’s next?

The #CannaCart is still in active development and is just about ready for beta testing.

As this edges closer to release, there will be other updates to WPD extensions as well as updates to the WPD website itself.

In the meantime, keep in touch on Twitter (@WPDispensary) to see sneak previews of new features and stay updated on cannabis news from around the world.

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