Recent add-on updates

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve made updates to 4 of our add-on’s and we’d like to go over those changes with you in this article.

Things are moving quick around the WP Dispensary offices.

With 4/20 less than two weeks away, we’ve got big plans for that day and these smaller updates are a part of those plans.

Let’s check out which add-on’s have been updated.

Dispensary Gear v1.2

This release adds in the “viewall” option to the [wpd-gear] shortcode, just like the default menu types in WP Dispensary.

The vendors taxonomy has also been added to the Gear menu type, giving you the ability to organize your products by vendor.

There is now a wpd_gear shortcode name added for attribute filter, which lets other add-on’s add items into the Gear shortcode, like Connect for WooCommerce Buy Now buttons.

Version 1.2 also fixes various bugs throughout the plugin.

Download Dispensary Gear v1.2


Dispensary Tinctures add-on for WP DIspensary

Dispensary Tinctures v1.1

This release adds filters or both vendors and ingredients taxonomies to your Tinctures.

The vendors taxonomy allows you to tag your Tinctures by vendor, which will allow users to find all products in your menu that have the specific vendor name attached to it.

The ingredients taxonomy allows you to, you guessed it, add the ingredients to each of your Tinctures, which allows patients to know exactly what goes into the product they’re purchasing from you.

Version 1.1 also fixes various bugs throughout the plugin.

Download Dispensary Tinctures v1.1


Dispensary Age Verification v1.7

The goal of WP Dispensary and all of it’s products is to make things as e

asy as possible for both the cannabis company owner and the patients who browse their websites.

Previously, the add-on required the user to enter their full birthday, which ended up being too many steps for a lot of users who would just leave the website instead of answering.

This update introduces a brand new way for users to verify their age – by simply clicking YES or NO button.

Download Age Verification v1.7


Dispensary Heavyweights v1.1

When the Heavyweights add-on was first released, the plan was to make it easy for cannabis companies to list prices for heavier weights than the default 1oz limit in WP Dispensary.

This was accomplished by adding in wight options for up to 3 pounds.

After talking to some growers who use the Heavyweights add-on, there was a clear message – we need bigger weight options!

You talked, we listened.

Version 1.1 of the Dispensary Heavyweights add-on now includes additional weight options for 4 pounds all the way up to 12 pounds.

Download Heavyweights v1.1


WP Dispensary 2.0 is coming

4/20 is just around the corner, and in preparation for the holiday, there is a massive update to the WP Dispensary plugin being prepared.

Version 2.0 will be released on 4/20 and includes a lot of great updates.

I wrote up a blog post with details on the upcoming release that you can read on my personal blog.

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