eCommerce v1.3 Release Notes

One month after the release of eCommerce version 1.2, we’re back with another update that brings great new features for dispensary owners and the developers who are in charge of your canna-brand website.

For developers, the version 1.3 release includes 3 new action hooks, 8 new filters, bug fixes and code enhancements that make it easier to customize the code to your needs.

And there’s also new error notices for empty quantity and weight selections, plus a new option to lock down your shopping cart until the user is logged in.

Let’s start by looking at the new require login option and what it actually does.

Require users login before shopping

Added in version 1.3 is a new option in the WP Dispensary admin Settings to lock down your cart functionality until the user is logged in.

You can find this new setting in your WordPress dashboard by going to WP Dispensary -> Settings -> General.

WP Dispensary eCommerce Settings Require Login to Shop
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When this setting is checked, the products on your website will display all of the product details without the ability for the visitor to add anything to the cart.

In place of the cart functionality is a message displayed letting the user know they need to log in before being able to place an order on your website.

WP Dispensary eCommerce require login to shop display
single product view

New action hooks & filters

This release of the eCommerce add-on includes a handful of new filters and action hooks for developers to customize the content of your website.

These updates allow developers to extend the functionality of WP Dispensary’s eCommerce plugin and give each website using WP Dispensary a unique user experience.

New Action hooks

The action hooks added in eCommerce v1.3 are focus on the patient account login form, and there are eight of them included in this release.

The new action hooks included:

  • wpd_ecommerce_patient_account_login_form_before
  • wpd_ecommerce_patient_account_login_form_before_inside
  • wpd_ecommerce_patient_account_login_form_after_inside
  • wpd_ecommerce_patient_account_login_form_after
  • wpd_ecommerce_patient_account_register_form_before
  • wpd_ecommerce_patient_account_register_form_before_inside
  • wpd_ecommerce_patient_account_register_form_after_inside
  • wpd_ecommerce_patient_account_register_form_after

View all eCommerce Action Hooks.

New Filters

Version 1.3 of the eCommerce add-on also includes a few new filters to help customize the data displayed on your website.

For instance, you can use the wpd_ecommerce_single_item_price filter to hide the prices of your products for anyone who’s not logged in (link).

The new filters included are:

  • wpd_ecommerce_cookie_lifetime
  • wpd_ecommerce_single_item_price
  • wpd_ecommerce_account_admin_patients_text

View all eCommerce Filters.

Additional enhancements

Beyond these bigger changes to the eCommerce add-on, there’s also a handful of other enhancements that were made to the plugin.

Error notification when weight/quantity selections are empty

This update fixes an issue with the cart that would display error codes on the screen if a user clicked the “Add to cart” button without selecting a quantity.

Version 1.3 of the eCommerce plugin cleans up all of those error codes and now displays an error notification letting the user know they need to select a weight in order to add the product to the cart.

WP Dispensary select a weight error notification
no weight selected

Country selection for account details & checkout

Version 1.3 of the eCommerce plugin changes the Country input field from a simple text box to a pre-populated list of countries users can select from.

Doing this will help streamline the signup and checkout process for your visitors, plus make it easier for you to manage user data with pre-populated answers (good-bye spelling variations from each visitor!)

Multiple style updates and bug fixes

Version 1.3 adds CSS to update archive page content widths for shelf and strain types, plus style update for the cart’s mobile width. There’s also CSS updates to the padding and height of the new Country input field on Checkout and in the Account details.

Also included in the eCommerce v1.3 release is a fix to meta key spelling for 3 pounds (_threepounds) in the core functions weight selection, plus an update to hide the sales & excise taxes on the Checkout page if either return 0.00.

Additional changes

The eCommerce v1.3 release includes the “Price” text displayed before the actual prices on your product archive pages.

There’s also updates to the code that changes various links to the Cart and Account pages from hard-coded links to the URL’s selected in the WP Dispensary admin Settings.

The prices used in the eCommerce add-on now also include the new weights for both Flowers and Concentrates found in version 1.3 of the Heavyweights add-on, plus other general code cleanup and coding standards updates.

Download eCommerce v1.3

If you already purchased a copy of the eCommerce add-on or the Pro Package, you will find version 1.3 in the Downloads section of your Account page.

If you haven’t got your copy yet but would like an easy to use solution for patient verification and pre-orders / delivery, header over to the eCommerce product page and download it now!

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