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Dispensary Coupons version 1.2

Does your dispensary offer a Mother’s Day coupon for your patients?

If not, you should take this opportunity to install the Dispensary Coupons add-on and enjoy the newest release …

… now with featured images!

With this new release, you now have the ability to show or hide the featured image that you can add when you create new dispensary coupons on your website.

dispensary coupons featured image widgetwidget update

You are now able to select the checkbox to show the featured image in your widget.

With this, you can upload a featured image that shows your patients exactly what item from your menu the coupon is good for.

shortcode update

Not only can you add the featured image to your widget, but if you use the built in shortcode to display your dispensary coupons, you can opt to show the featured image you uploaded.

The updated shortcode is below, with all available options displayed.

[wpd-coupons limit="5" image="yes" title="yes" details="yes" products="yes"]

If you’d like to hide the title, detailas, image or products, you can change yes to no in the shortcode example above.

Here’s a screenshot of how the widget could look.

Note: the font’s in the screenshot below are based on the active theme in the demo

dispensary coupons featured image shortcode

Where did version 1.1’s release post go?

If you noticed, we haven’t published an article about the release of Dispensary Coupons version 1.1.

Things have been rolling so fast around here that it version 1.2 was done before there was time to get the article done.

The one thing done for version 1.1 of Dispensary Coupons was the inclusion of the Topicals menu section which was added to WP Dispensary version 1.5.

Where do we go from here?

Well, I can assure you that May 9th, 2016 will be eventful.

Then the work will continue on expanding the flexibility of the Dispensary Coupons add-on, plus new a few other surprises currently in the pipeline.

Download Now

You can download the Dispensary Coupons WordPress plugin via the official WordPress plugin repository.

You can also download it directly from your WordPress dashboard by going to Plugins - Add New and searching for Dispensary Coupons.

Want to contribute?

Dispensary Coupons is on Github and we’re more than open to any issues or pull requests you would like to contribute.

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