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CannaBiz v2.4 Release Notes

A couple of months after the last update to our CannaBiz theme, we’re back with a brand new release that’s full of awesome features and enhancements!

Let’s check out what’s new!

2 New Action Hooks

The version 2.4 release of the CannaBiz theme adds a couple of new action hooks for developers to use in order to customize the theme as needed.

These filters are added before and after the large title bar that shows up on pages. The filter names are below:

  • cannabiz_titlelarge_before
  • cannabiz_titlelarge_after

Yelp social media link

In the top bar of the header in the CannaBiz theme, there’s a section that displays social media icons, which you can customize by editing the Social links section of the Customizer.

CannaBiz WordPress Theme - Yelp social media link

Version 2.4 adds a Yelp link in, so now you’re able to add your yelp link into the Social links section of the Customizer, and it’ll display in the top header bar, like you see in the demo.

This link option was added at the request of one of our users. If you have a social link that’s not in the list, but would like to see it added, get in touch and let us know!

CSS Style Updates

This release of the CannaBiz WordPress theme brings a lot of style updates, from basic WP Dispensary styles to adjustments to how the CannaBiz theme works with other third-party plugins.

For instance, the footer widgets have been updated to better style list displays.

In previous versions, the CSS styles added for the copyright bar’s bottom right menu were also being applied to the widgets, so lists would align the font’s to the right instead of the left.

Customizer Controls for Button Colors

Version 2.4 of the CannaBiz WordPress theme adds CSS class names from the eCommerce add-on to the Customizer.

Now, when you’re changing the button colors in the Customizer it will change the colors of the buttons that get added to the shortcodes that display your products, like the image below.

CannaBiz WordPress theme customizer colors for buttons

Third Party Plugin Style Updates

Version 2.4 of the CannaBiz theme includes style updates for a couple of different third-party plugins.

These changes include CSS updates for WooCommerce, which update the messages that are displayed, the “Ship to a different address” text on Checkout, and the content of WooCommerce’s My Account page.

CannaBiz v2.4 also updates styles for the vendor page from the Dokan Multivendor plugin, and the vendor name font size on the WooCommerce checkout page.

WordPress Coding Standards

As usual, we focused on code cleanliness and standards in CannaBiz, so version 2.4 is full of updates that increase the code quality your website is built on.

These include general cleanup and removal of excess code that’s no longer needed due to helper functions being used; pricing display on archives, for example.

There’s also a few areas in the theme that were updated to follow the WordPress Coding Standards, which not only makes the theme more secure, but also makes it easier to maintain going forward.

CannaBiz WordPress Theme

Download CannaBiz v2.4

If you have already purchased CannaBiz, you will be receiving an email with update information.

If you haven’t purchased your copy of the CannaBiz WordPress theme yet, you should go fix that 🙂

Head over to the CannaBiz product page and download it instantly.


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