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WordPress Plugins for Marijuana Dispensaries 5 types of WordPress plugins that every dispensary website should be using

When you’re building a website, be it for the cannabis industry or any other industry, there are specific types of WordPress plugins that help extend the functionality of your website. Some are cannabis industry specific, like WP Dispensary, while others are more generalized. Your cannabis business deserves to operate at top shelf levels at all […]

WP Dispensary's Locations add-on

How to easily manage menus for multiple dispensary locations Learn how to use our Dispensary Locations add-on to gain complete control over all of your dispensary locations menus

The cannabis industry is on the rise, and so are the number of multiple dispensary locations run by a single business owner. In August 2015, dispensaries in Colorado broke the 100 million dollar mark in monthly pot sales, and the numbers have only grown nationwide since. Our #1 goal here at WP Dispensary is to […]

Marketing for Dispensaries Download a free copy of our new e-book and grow your cannabis business!

Marketing for Dispensaries is going to make growing your cannabis business easier than you ever imagined. With this free e-book, you’ll have 7 actionable marketing tips for your dispensary that you can instantly apply to your current cannabis marketing methods. We believe that the goal of any strong business, cannabis-based or not, should always be […]