WP Dispensary plugin version 1.7.1

WP Dispensary Version 1.7.1

Over the last couple of months a lot has been going on behind the scenes, but not much has happened in the way of actual updates to the WP Dispensary plugin.

Today, this changes.

We’ve pushed out version 1.7.1 of the plugin, and while it may not be a huge update, it’s got some great updates baked in.

Shortcode updates

The main focus for this update is our shortcodes. Below are some notes on what’s been done in this release.

now with a ‘category’ option

Up until this release, you were not able to separate your shortcode output by category, so when using the wpd-flowers shortcode, all flowers would show up.

Now, you can add category=”name” to your shortcodes and only display item’s from a specific category.

Example: [wpd-flowers posts="6" category="indica"]

The above shortcode will display 6 items from your Flowers menu type, and only if they’re given the category “Indica”.

With this option added, you can create custom pages specifically to show Sativa, Indica and Hybrid, which works especially well if your dispensary or delivery service only offers flowers and you’d like to break them down into specific types for easier browsing.

The category option has been added to all available shortcodes except Pre-Rolls, because there is no category option for Pre-Roll menu items.

See full list of shortcode options here.

Shortcode price output

It was brought to our attention that if you only have a gram price added to your flowers, the pricing display for the shortcode was like this:

Pricing: $20-$20

We’ve updated this so that if you only have a per gram price, it now displays the following text:

Price: $20 per gram

Now it will make more sense to patients who are reading your menu when you only offer some flowers by the gram.

WP Dispensary Settings page updates

wp-dispensary-settings-page-version-1.7.1In your WordPress dashboard under Settings > WP Dispensary you will now see a couple of additional options.

First, you can now place the details & pricing above or below the_content(), instead of it just displaying at the top.

This makes sense for the times you’d like to add a gallery or other important information to the content and would rather that show up before the pricing and item details.

You can also now choose to hide the pricing, or hide the details.

This will help for the times when you’re creating a menu where you don’t need – or want – to add effects, flavors and other details to each item.

Download WP Dispensary Version 1.7.1

You should get the WP Dispensary plugin update notification in your WordPress dashboard, but if for any reason it doesn’t show up, you can download WP Dispensary via the official WordPress plugin repository.

If you don’t have the plugin installed yet, you can also download it directly from your WordPress dashboard by going to Plugins - Add New and searching for WP Dispensary.


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