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WP Dispensary Version 1.9.7

Summertime is approaching and we’re working hard on WP Dispensary to provide you with the tools needed to see the biggest and brightest summer your company has ever seen.

WP Dispensary version 1.9.7 addresses various bugs, code quality updates and feature enhancements, specifically focusing on the widgets.

Below you will find a full outline of the new updates in this release.

12 updated + 12 new action hooks

This update involves some updates to the currently available action hooks throughout the WP Dispensary plugin’s widgets, plus a dozen new action hooks for you to take advantage of.

Below you will find a lost of the updated action hooks, with the new name as well as the previous name.

Then below that list, you’ll find the 12 new action hooks that have been added to give additional control over how to customize the widgets with your own custom code.

Updated action hooks

  • wpdispensary_flowers_widget_before (old: wpdispensary_flowers_before_widget)
  • wpdispensary_flowers_widget_after (old: wpdispensary_flowers_after_widget)
  • wpdispensary_concentrates_widget_before (old: wpdispensary_concentrates_before_widget)
  • wpdispensary_concentrates_widget_after (old: wpdispensary_concentrates_after_widget)
  • wpdispensary_edibles_widget_before (old: wpdispensary_edibles_before_widget)
  • wpdispensary_edibles_widget_after (old: wpdispensary_edibles_after_widget)
  • wpdispensary_prerolls_widget_before (old: wpdispensary_prerolls_before_widget)
  • wpdispensary_prerolls_widget_after (old: wpdispensary_prerolls_after_widget)
  • wpdispensary_topicals_widget_before (old: wpdispensary_topicals_before_widget)
  • wpdispensary_topicals_widget_after (old: wpdispensary_topicals_after_widget)
  • wpdispensary_growers_widget_before (old: wpdispensary_growers_before_widget)
  • wpdispensary_growers_widget_after (old: wpdispensary_growers_after_widget)

New action hooks

  • wpdispensary_flowers_widget_inside_top
  • wpdispensary_flowers_widget_inside_bottom
  • wpdispensary_concentrates_widget_inside_top
  • wpdispensary_concentrates_widget_inside_bottom
  • wpdispensary_edibles_widget_inside_top
  • wpdispensary_edibles_widget_inside_bottom
  • wpdispensary_prerolls_widget_inside_top
  • wpdispensary_prerolls_widget_inside_bottom
  • wpdispensary_topicals_widget_inside_top
  • wpdispensary_topicals_widget_inside_bottom
  • wpdispensary_growers_widget_inside_top
  • wpdispensary_growers_widget_inside_bottom

New image size option for all widgets

As of version 1.9.7, the WP Dispensary plugin now lets you select from various images sizes when adding your widgets.

In previous versions of the plugin, the widgets would only use the wpdispensary-widget image size, but now you are able to choose from the following sizes:

We left default WordPress image sizes out of the available options, but if you’re interested in having them included, let us know.

Bug Fixes

This update comes with a few updates, fixing issues with empty pricing output in the shortcodes and the removal of depreciated code methods.

Fixed empty pricing bug in the flowers shortcode

In previous versions of WPD, the flowers shortcode would display Price/Donation, even if there was no price added to the menu item.

This version fixes this issue, and if you leave the price blank for a menu item, the Price/Donation wording will not display, keeping things cleaner on the front end of your website.

Fixed empty variables for WPD Settings options

While doing some debugging of code, we came across some empty price variables that were saved in the WPD Settings page code. The code would be empty only on fresh installs, before the user saves the page settings.

This is no longer an issue as of version 1.9.7.

Updated constructor methods for widgets

The code used to build the original structure of WP Dispensary was using an outdated constructor method for building the widgets.

We’ve now updated this code and brought the plugin one step closer to being 100% WordPress code standards compatible.

This is still out goal for version 2.0 – which between you and me is being actively worked on 🙂

Download WP Dispensary Version 1.9.7

If you’ve already installed WP Dispensary, you will get the WP Dispensary plugin update notification in your WordPress dashboard. If for any reason it doesn’t show up, you can download WP Dispensary via the official WordPress plugin directory.

If you don’t have the plugin installed yet, you can also download it directly from your WordPress dashboard by going to Plugins - Add New and searching for WP Dispensary.

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