WP Dispensary version 1.3

Update: Version 1.3.1 has been released to fix the CBD mistakenly being called BCD. This was an error due to me typing entirely too fast and then copy/pasting without double checking before release.

Thanks to @PassinGrass for pointing this out for us!

thc cbd option for dispensary menuOne thing that’s been asked of us since the launch of the WP Dispensary plugin is to include options for THC% & CBD%.

I’m happy to announce that we’re releasing version 1.3 today which includes boxes for you to add these numbers to your menu items.

Like all of the other details of your menu items, the THC and CBD numbers are output through the WordPress API, which WP Dispensary was set up to work with in version 1.1.


As the cannabis industry continues to grow, the focus is shifting to a more scientific formula for growing cannabis with the most potency, and a singular focus.

This is why you’ll notice a lot of dispensaries list THC and CBD percentages, so patients are able to pick a strain that will give them the desired results they’re looking for.

For instance, the higher the THC content, the higher you’ll feel.

Alternately, the higher the CBD content, the more potent it will be at treating various ailments, all without the high that THC gives you.

If you’re interested, you can read more about the differences between THC and CBD.

Download WP Dispensary Version 1.3

You can download the most recent version of the WP Dispensary plugin via the official WordPress plugin repository.

If you don’t have the plugin installed yet, you can also download it directly from your WordPress dashboard by going to Plugins - Add New and searching for WP Dispensary.

Dispensary Display – a Free WordPress theme

We are also happy to announce today that the Dispensary Display WordPress theme we created to work with the WP Dispensary plugin is now 100% open source.

You can view the theme demo and download it through Github.

We’re working on getting it added to the official WordPress repository, and will publish an update on the blog and through our newsletter when this happens.

There will also be another post coming soon which outlines more of our thoughts on open sourcing the theme we created and previously sold, and what the plans are moving forward.

Make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter to stay up to date.

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