Welcome to WP Dispensary

Welcome to the official website of the WP Dispensary WordPress plugin.

Today is a historic day for us, because we are officially launching version 1.0 of the WP Dispensary plugin. There have been hundreds of hours put into the development and testing of this plugin, and we’re beyond proud of the progress made to this point.

Why WP Dispensary?

This plugin was originally built out of a need for a really solid solution for dispensary owners to have complete control over their menu’s. After looking around for a while, I realized that this market has been severely under served, and could use some tender loving care.

I set out to create the all-in-one solution for a marijuana dispensary, giving you complete control over how you display your menu items, without needing a third-party website to do it.

After a couple months of active development, WP Dispensary was born as the plugin you see today. It has been built with WordPress coding standards in mind and is in the official WordPress plugin repository, which you can view here.

I consider WP Dispensary to be more than a plugin, but a product that will continue to grow over time, as well as lend it’s hand to an ecosystem of additional extensions.

WP Dispensary is 100% FREE

I had a couple of conversations about this plugin with friends who mentioned that I should be charging for this plugin. I don’t fault them, they’re business minded individuals and don’t hold the same open source philosophies that I do.

WP Dispensary is a 100% free to use, edit and redistribute plugin for WordPress, and will always remain this way.

The road ahead

As it stands right now, the WP Dispensary plugin is in full working order and can be used on live websites as you can see in the demo.

What I’m going to do over the next couple of weeks is study how it’s used, take in the comments and any issues brought up on Github and work on enhancements.

Right now we’ve got one add-on available for immediate use (Leafly Reviews), with 2 more waiting approval and 3 others in active development.

For now, check out the live demo, download the plugin, look around the rest of our website and submit a support ticket if you have any issues come up.

Thank you to everyone who gave advice, a lending hand and words of encouragement through the building of this plugin.

Thank you to everyone who is currently using this plugin, or in the process of adding this plugin to your website.

I appreciate all of you!


8 thoughts on “Welcome to WP Dispensary

  1. We need a user front end editable menu plugin that we can use on a directory similar (Weedmaps, Leafly) type directory this would be for multiple different menus on one site that the users themselves can edit??? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks Ryan

    1. Thanks for the comment Ryan.

      One possibility would be to set up WPMU so each user can create their own site within your site (example: greentreesupplies.com/mydispensaryname). Each user could then have the WP Dispensary plugin activated when they set their account up on your site, and will get full access to add/edit menu items.

      We haven’t mapped out a front end editor for the menu yet, so I am not sure how that part would work. I’ve made a note about it and will look into a front end editor down the road, but cannot say if or when that will happen.

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