Release Notes: eCommerce v2.3.0

We are thrilled to introduce version 2.3.0 of our eCommerce add-on.

This update brings a range of exciting new features, essential bug fixes, and improvements that will enhance your online dispensary experience.

It’s also the last version of the add-on to be released before a pretty significant change occurs with it’s name. But more on that soon 😎

Let’s dive into the details!

You know you wanna

New Action Hooks and Filters

We’ve expanded our customization options with the addition of new action hooks and filters. These provide you with more control and flexibility in shaping your dispensary website’s functionality and appearance.

Action Hooks

  • Added wpd_ecommerce_checkout_success_before action hook in checkout/checkout-shortcode.php: This hook allows you to execute custom actions just before the successful checkout process.
  • Added wpd_ecommerce_checkout_success_after action hook in checkout/checkout-shortcode.php: Use this hook to perform actions immediately after a successful checkout.


  • Added wpd_ecommerce_checkout_email_headers_customer filter in checkout/checkout-shortcode.php: Customize email headers for customer notifications during the checkout process.
  • Added wpd_ecommerce_checkout_email_headers_admin filter in checkout/checkout-shortcode.php: Tailor email headers for admin notifications triggered by the checkout.

Improved User Experience

We believe that the customer experience is of paramount importance. With this in mind, we’ve made the following improvements:

  • Added Verified Purchase Badge to Comments: Enhance customer trust and authenticity by displaying a verified purchase badge on product comments. This feature can be found in includes/wpd-ecommerce-orders-functions.php.
  • Added wpd_ecommerce_countries_list Function and Filter: This addition in checkout/checkout-shortcode.php allows you to manage and filter the list of available countries in your eCommerce platform.
Verified purchase display preview

Bug Fixes

We’re committed to delivering a seamless user experience. This release includes fixes for known issues to ensure your dispensary operates smoothly.

  • Bugfix for List Menu Style Price Display: We’ve addressed the issue affecting the price display of topicals in includes/extend/styles/admin/class-wpd-styles-filters.php.
  • Bugfix for Payment Type Check During Checkout: We’ve resolved the payment type check during the checkout process, providing a more reliable shopping experience.

Enhanced Order Management

Efficient order management is essential for a successful dispensary. This update introduces the following enhancements:

  • Updated Payment Type Display: Payment types now display more prominently in the order metabox (orders/orders-metaboxes.php) and on the order thank you page details (templates/single-order.php).
  • Updated Orders Post Type Capabilities and Restrictions: This change in orders/orders-post-type.php enhances the control and management of orders in your dispensary.
Payment type display preview

Technical Improvements

We’ve worked to enhance the technical aspects of the plugin, making it more compatible and efficient:

  • Updated to Include the Styles add-on Directly: To streamline the user experience, the WP Dispensary eCommerce add-on now includes the wpd-styles add-on directly (more on this soon)
  • Updated Language Translation Files: All included translations have been updated to ensure clarity and accuracy.
  • PHP 8 Compatibility: We’ve made several updates to ensure PHP 8 compatibility across multiple files in the plugin.
  • WordPress Coding Standards Updates: Various files in the plugin have been updated to meet WordPress coding standards.
  • General Code Cleanup: We’ve performed code cleanup throughout various files in the plugin, improving overall efficiency and maintainability.
List display preview

We hope you enjoy these improvements in version 2.3.0 of the WP Dispensary eCommerce add-on. If you’ve purchased the eCommerce add-on or the Pro Package, you can find the new release in your account.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback. As always, if you have any questions or encounter any issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

Don’t have the eCommerce add-on yet? Upgrade now and take your dispensary website to the next level with the latest features and enhancements!

Happy dispensing! 🌿💼

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