Dispensary Tinctures add-on for WP DIspensary

Release notes for our Dispensary Tinctures add-on

WP Dispensary is happy to release another free extension for our users to help you easily manage dispensary tinctures.

Dispensary Tinctures add-on for WP DIspensary

A feature that a lot of our users have asked about is the ability to separate Concentrates like wax and hash from tinctures like cannabis oil.

You asked and we listened!

WP Dispensary’s Tinctures add-on

Our users have been previously using the Concentrates menu type in WP Dispensary to display tinctures.

The main issue with doing it this way is that there wasn’t the proper details for tinctures (mL size, etc).

Dispensary Tinctures gives you a brand new menu type to separate your Concentrates from Tinctures, with the right details and displayed in various ways, just like the default WP Dispensary menu types.

Display Options

Dispensary Tinctures Widget

The first option is to display your tinctures with the included widget.

The widget comes with options to choose if you’d like to display the product’s image, title and category.

There is also an option to change the image size to any of the included image sizes in WP Dispensary, as well as an option to randomize the tinctures displayed.

Dispensary Tinctures Shortcode

The other option for displaying your dispensary tinctures on your website is by using the included shortcode:

[wpd-tinctures title="" posts="100" info="show" image="show" imgsize="dispensary-image" class="" viewall="show"]

By adding the wpd-tinctures shortcode to a post or page on your website, you can display the tinctures you’ve added to your menu, like this:


For developers who want to manipulate data from your dispensary menu outside of traditional WordPress methods, we’ve made sure to include Tinctures data with your website’s WP REST API data.

If you would like to see what the REST API data looks like for your store, simply add /wp-json/wp/v2/tinctures/ to your website’s URL.

What’s next

Now that the Tinctures add-on has been released, work begins on WP Dispensary version 2.0, along with a new point of sale service connection (name cannot be released yet).

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Download Dispensary Tinctures

You can download the Dispensary Tinctures WordPress plugin via the official WordPress plugin directory.

You can also download it directly from your WordPress dashboard by going to Plugins - Add New and searching for Dispensary Tinctures.


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