Dispensary Inventory Management Version 1.2

In our continued push to be the #1 marijuana business WordPress plugin in the world, we’re updating our Inventory Management add-on to help make it extendable via third party plugins or themes.

This is a release that allows you to easily change the output of text with only a couple lines of code added to your themes functions.php file, or if you create a plugin.

Updated actions for better data output control

Although nothing has changed with the add-on’s functionality in your WordPress dashboard, the code updates now allow for the easy removal of the actions that are added via the add-on.

You are also able to easily add re-add your own custom “in stock” message. Below are a couple of code examples for you to copy and paste to your theme or plugin file to remove the in stock message and then add in your own custom message.

Remove all of the “In Stock” messages from the Details table

View this gist on GitHub

Adding “In Stock: YES” in the Details table

View this gist on GitHub

Download the Inventory Management add-on now!

If you already purchased a copy of the Inventory Management add-on, you should have received an email already.

View full details on the Dispensary Inventory Management page, or add the extension to your cart immediately by clicking the button below.

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