WP Dispensary version 1.9.9

WP Dispensary Version 1.9.9

A little over a week after our last release, we’ve come back with version 1.9.9 of WP Dispensary.

This update comes with a few enhancements you’re sure to enjoy,  plus some code edits and bug fixes.

This release is the also the last release before version 2.0, which is slated to be released early in the fall.

We’ve already begun work on 2.0 and will be blogging more about it in the upcoming weeks.

For now, let’s look a little closer at the updates in version 1.9.9!

oEmbed style & content updates

WordPress added native support for custom post types in version 4.4 and WP Dispensary is now taking further advantage of them by customizing out how your menu items are displayed.


Originally we had no built in customization options, so the details and pricing box were displayed in a jumbled block of text.

As you can see from the embed above, your menu item Details and Pricing tables are both displayed, along with the Buy Now button that is added with WooConnect.

This means that you can now add the URL from one of your menu items to any WordPress powered website (even different areas of your own) and get a beautifully displayed block of content promoting your products.

New Compound Details

In previous versions of WP Dispensary, we had THC% and CBD% options available for Flowers.

Version 1.9.9 now includes an updated meta box that we’ve titled “Compound Details” and it now allows you to add the following:

  • THC
  • THCA
  • CBD
  • CBA
  • CBN

You can now enhance the content of your Flowers by adding in the relevant compound details for your specific flower, giving your patients a better understanding of what the medicine can do for them.

Code edits & bug fixes

Beyond the above enhancements, this version of WP Dispensary also comes with some code edits and bug fixes to help make the user experience even better.

The Pricing box on single menu items will display “Flower Pricing” by default. However, if you’ve chosen to use the “Donation” wording, it would previously say “Flower Donation”, which didn’t sound right.

So now, as of version 1.9.9 if you choose “Donation” from the WPD Settings page, your Pricing box will be titled “Donation Amount”.

We also fixed a bug in the [wpd-carousel] shortcode and updated the translation file with the new text fields that have been added recently.


You should have a notification in your WordPress dashboard for the release and instant update.

You can also download it directly from the WordPress plugin directory.


  • Changed THC % & CBD % metabox to Compound Details and added 3 new compounds in
  • admin/post-types/wp-dispensary-metaboxes.php
  • Added 3 new compounds to Details table output in admin/wp-dispensary-data-output.php
  • Added API endpoints for the 3 new compounds in admin/wp-dispensary-rest-api.php
  • Added all new Compound Details to the shortcodes in admin/wp-dispensary-shortcodes.php
  • Added oEmbed style customization in wp-dispensary.php
  • Added oEmbed CSS in public/wp-dispensary-oembed.css and public/class-wp-dispensary-public.php
  • Fixed code error in the [wpd-carousel] output in admin/wp-dispensary-shortcodes.php
  • Updated translation strings in languages/wp-dispensary.pot
  • Updated Pricing table’s title if donation is selected in admin/wp-dispensary-data-output.php

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