WP Dispensary's WooConnect buy now buttons for WooCommerce

WooConnect Version 1.1

Late 2016 we released version 1.0 of WooConnect, our commercial add-on that gives you the ability to connect your WPD menu to WooCommerce and sell product directly online.

We also published the how to guide for WooConnect a couple of months ago, but since then not much has publicly happened to the add-on.

But behind the scenes, there’s been some big things moving through the pipeline, helping integrate the WooCommerce platform with WP Dispensary even further.

With the version 1.9.5 release of WP Dispensary, it opened up the shortcodes to have additional items added through add-on’s and themes.

Today, I’m happy to release Version 1.1 of WooConnect, which now displays “View Details” and “Buy Now” buttons directly within the WP Dispensary shortcodes.

New BUY NOW buttons in WPD shortcodes

When you display your items with WP Dispensary’s shortcodes, you will now see “view details” and “buy now” buttons display under the menu item’s information.

WP Dispensary's WooConnect buy now buttons for WooCommerce
WooConnect’s new buy now buttons in the CannaBiz demo

This update will now give patients the ability to get to the WooCommerce product page with a single click, instead of having to click into the WPD menu item and then click the buy now button.

Now, one click is all that’s between a visitor being just a visitor or a customer placing orders.

If you already have a copy of the WooConnect plugin, other than uploading the new version of the add-on that’s been emailed to you, you’ll be all set with the new feature instantly displaying.

For new users, you won’t even know what the previous version looks like, so enjoy this new feature while I work on the next release 🙂

Download WooConnect Now!

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