Recent Plugin Updates #6

A lot has changed over the last couple of weeks, so we’re back with the sixth installment of our recent plugin updates series to go over what’s new! With the release of WP Dispensary v2.6, a lot of our add-on’s are getting updates to utilize the new features built into the core plugin. This post […]

Dispensary Top Sellers Version 1.3

Our Top Sellers add-on has just been updated to version 1.3, bringing with it some bug fixes that help the way widgets & shortcodes display your menu’s top selling items. Widget updates Previously, the Top Sellers widget would randomize the items displayed (if the checkbox was selected), but it would pull from all items instead […]

Dispensary Top Sellers Version 1.1

Following the release of CannaBiz version 1.4, here’s another release to keep your dispensary website looking better and better. When we first released the Top Sellers add-on last fall, it was one of many releases at the time and hasn’t got much love since then … until now. In the first of a few planned […]

How to create a list of your top selling dispensary menu items

Most dispensaries who have top shelf cannabis want to show it off. With WP Dispensary and our new Dispensary Top Sellers add-on, you’re now able to easily create a list of your top selling menu items and display them on your website. The extension adds a custom shortcode and widget that both allow you to […]