WP Dispensary editor with new default shortcode

WP Dispensary v2.6 Release Notes

WP Dispensary version 2.6 is officially out in the wild! This release adds a brand new [wpd_menu] shortcode, plus a bunch of action hooks, helper functions and filters. These updates in v2.6 will drastically change the way you use WP Dispensary, by making it 100X easier to use! Needless to say… WP Dispensary v2.6 I’ve […]

WP Dispensary eCommerce plugin for WordPress

WP Dispensary v2.5 Release Notes

WP Dispensary version 2.5 is out in the wild and packed with all kinds of awesome updates! Helping celebrate WP Dispensary’s 3rd birthday, not only did we release our new eCommerce add-on, but we also released WPD v2.5. This blog post is going to cover the updates and new features in WP Dispensary v2.5, including […]

Dispensary Top Sellers Version 1.3

Our Top Sellers add-on has just been updated to version 1.3, bringing with it some bug fixes that help the way widgets & shortcodes display your menu’s top selling items. Widget updates Previously, the Top Sellers widget would randomize the items displayed (if the checkbox was selected), but it would pull from all items instead […]

WP Dispensary's Styles add-on

Make your menu uniquely you with our new Styles extension

For anyone who’s known about the WP Dispensary plugin for WordPress, you’ll be well aware of our goal to be the #1 online marijuana menu solution for dispensaries and delivery services. Today we’re releasing a new add-on that will help give you even more control over your menu’s style. WP Dispensary’s Styles add-on was built […]

WP Dispensary

WP Dispensary Version 1.9.7

Summertime is approaching and we’re working hard on WP Dispensary to provide you with the tools needed to see the biggest and brightest summer your company has ever seen. WP Dispensary version 1.9.7 addresses various bugs, code quality updates and feature enhancements, specifically focusing on the widgets. Below you will find a full outline of […]

WP Dispensary code snippets for WordPress

Top 5 WP Dispensary Code Snippets

If you haven’t been following our tweets, you may not have noticed that we’ve been overhauling our documentation using the DocuPress plugin. While adding the currently available docs in, I noticed that there were a few code snippets that have been created over the last few months that highlight how easy it is to customize WPD. […]

Dispensary Top Sellers Version 1.1

Following the release of CannaBiz version 1.4, here’s another release to keep your dispensary website looking better and better. When we first released the Top Sellers add-on last fall, it was one of many releases at the time and hasn’t got much love since then … until now. In the first of a few planned […]

WP Dispensary's WooConnect buy now buttons for WooCommerce

WooConnect Version 1.1

Late 2016 we released version 1.0 of WooConnect, our commercial add-on that gives you the ability to connect your WPD menu to WooCommerce and sell product directly online. We also published the how to guide for WooConnect a couple of months ago, but since then not much has publicly happened to the add-on. But behind […]