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Recent Plugin Updates #5

For the first plugin updates round up of 2019, we’re going to go over recent releases from the WP Dispensary core plugin, plus three separate pro add-on’s. Let’s check out what’s new! WP Dispensary v2.5.5 Since the last set of recent plugin updates there have actually been three separate releases for the core WP Dispensary […]

Recent Plugin Updates

There are small updates happening at a rapid pace across our entire ecosystem of extensions, in preparation for the new shopping cart add-on (codename: CannaCart) that’s in the works (see teaser here). Instead of publishing short posts about each one individually, this post will give quick overviews of the updates to each respective plugin. WP […]

dispensary locations add-on

Dispensary Locations version 1.3

This update to our Dispensary Locations add-on focuses on the included shortcodes, to give you more control and integration with the Connect for WooCommerce add-on. Version 1.3 also introduces the locations endpoint to the REST API, so you can now get your data and use it with the code language of yours (or your cannabis website […]

WP DIspensary's Locations add-on

Dispensary Locations version 1.2

We’ve updated our Locations add-on to version 1.2 which does one small but fairly important update. In WPD version 1.9.8 we updated the admin menu to all be housed under the WP Dispensary tab, which includes a settings page and all of the menu types (Flowers, Concentrates, etc). Version 1.2 of our Locations add-on updates […]

WP Dispensary's Locations add-on

How to easily manage menus for multiple dispensary locations

The cannabis industry is on the rise, and so are the number of multiple dispensary locations run by a single business owner. In August 2015, dispensaries in Colorado broke the 100 million dollar mark in monthly pot sales, and the numbers have only grown nationwide since. Our #1 goal here at WP Dispensary is to […]