CannaBiz style of WP Dispensary's Concentrates archive

CannaBiz version 1.7

It’s been 2 months since the last CannaBiz update and during that time we’ve pushed 4 new updates to the WP Dispensary plugin, updated our Locations, Coupons & WooConnect add-on’s and released the Heavyweights and Styles add-on’s. Needless to say, we’ve been both very busy and neglectful of the CannaBiz theme and updates it has needed. That […]


Dispensary Coupons version 1.5

Not only is the Coupons add-on the first free add-on we released, it’s also always one of the most enjoyable to work on and continue improving. With version 1.5’s release, the coupons link in the admin dashboard will now show up under the WP Dispensary menu, like the image below. This update does require WPD […]


CannaBiz version 1.6

We’ve been working hard to enhance the user experience on our website an the connection between CannaBiz and the add-on’s we offer. This is the first in six upcoming articles detailing updates we’ve released recently, including WPD version 1.9.8 & four different add-on’s! CannaBiz has gone through a lot of changes in the last couple […]

WordPress dispensary plugins - extend CannaBiz dispensary theme

WordPress plugins to extend the CannaBiz dispensary theme

In our final #CannaBizWeek article, we’re going to take a look at some of the top WordPress plugins to help extend our CannaBiz theme. Today we are going to show off some of the best WordPress plugins for extending the functionality of the CannaBiz theme, and your entire website in general. The plugins range from eCommerce to […]

CannaBiz dispensary theme for WordPress

CannaBiz Version 1.5

Continuing forward with the #CannaBizWeek celebrations, we’re releasing version 1.5 of CannaBiz – the best dispensary theme for WordPress, guaranteed! Yesterday we gave a rundown of what the last year has been like for CannaBiz and today we’re kicking off year 2 with an update that fixes many bugs and adds in new features. So […]

Our CannaBiz theme is 1 year old!

We’re continuing our #CannaBizWeek celebration with the 1 year birthday of our CannaBiz WordPress theme! While it’s felt like the year has gone by too fast, looking back we’re able to see a lot of things have actually happened in the last year. This post is going to cover the CannaBiz launch, growth over the […]

CannaBiz - WordPress marijuana theme

CannaBiz WordPress Theme Showcase

Welcome to #CannaBizWeek! Our CannaBiz WordPress theme was released on June 13th 2016 so to celebrate the one year anniversary, we’re publishing content about CannaBiz all week long 🙂 Today we’re going to show off a few websites that are currently using the CannaBiz theme. From delivery services to dispensaries and a company completely outside […]

CannaBiz is the #1 cannabis WordPress theme

CannaBiz Version 1.4

If you’re looking for a cannabis theme for WordPress, CannaBiz is exactly what you need and today’s updates will help solidify CannaBiz as the #1 cannabis theme on the market! Today we’re releasing version 1.4 of our CannaBiz WordPress theme; built for dispensaries and delivery services, but versatile enough for any business in or out […]