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Last week we released our new commercial WordPress theme for WP Dispensary, CannaBiz. Today, we’re going to talk about it 🙂

Over the last couple of months we’ve been quietly at work, putting a top shelf WordPress theme for cannabis businesses.

WP Dispensary is the perfect menu solution for dispensary owners, and the CannaBiz theme now completes the package, letting you get your cannabis business online without any overpriced services or lackluster hosted solutions.

Now you can have 100% control over your business, your dispensary menu and where you send your patients.

Don’t have time to wait?

Get CannaBiz now!

Keep reading for more information about the theme and what our goals are with it.

Customizer Options

We’ve included a lot of versatility into the CannaBiz theme, giving you the ability to style your cannabis business website, uniquely matching your brand identity.

Header customization

Here’s what you can edit in the header of CannaBiz:

  • Logo upload – you are able to upload your own company logo directly, replacing the default website title and description
  • Site title & tagline – if you opt to not use a logo, you can change the size of both the title and description of your website, as well as check to hide the tagline.
  • Social media – in the top right bar of the CannaBiz header, you are able to add your own social media links, displaying the icon for each site you choose to use. You can also choose to hide these items in the customizer via a checkbox.
  • Phone and Email – on the left side of the header you will see a spot that displays an email address and phone number. You can also choose to hide these items in the customizer via a checkbox
  • Navigation – using the WordPress Menus setup, you can drag and drop your website navigation easily from the back-end, using drop-down’s in your menu as needed.

Post customization

Here’s what you can customize from the back-end with your blog posts:

  • Post title size – easily change the size of your post title’s to fit with your cannabis company’s branding
  • Post comments – choose to display or hide the post comments count
  • Post categories – choose to display or hide the post categories
  • Post author – choose to display or hide the author of the post
  • Post date – choose to display or hide the date your blog post was published
  • Post tags – choose to display or hide the post tags

Footer customization

Here’s how you can customize the footer of your website with CannaBiz:

  • Home page shortcode – At the bottom of the home page (above the footer widgets and copyright bar), there is a spot for you to place a shortcode of your choosing. This can be anything from a slider to a newsletter shortcode.
  • Copyright message – Easily change the copyright message in your footer.
  • Footer menu – choose to display or hide a menu of your choice in the footer copyright bar.
  • Footer widgets – You are able to add four rows of widgets into the footer of CannaBiz.

Social media links

The CannaBiz theme allows you to add your URL for up to a dozen social media accounts, including:

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Snapchat, Github, Linkedin, Pinterest, Medium, Vine, Youtube, Tumblr.

Color customization

The CannaBiz theme comes with the ability for you to customize the color of virtually everything in the theme, including:

  • Background Website
  • Background Top Bar
  • Background Header
  • Background Page Title
  • Background Footer
  • Links (and hover)
  • Blog Title Links (and hover)
  • Blog Sub-Title
  • Menu Links (and hover)
  • Button Links (and hover)
  • Post Title Links (and hover)

Screenshots & Demo

Below you can see screenshots of the customizer options mentioned about, plus screenshots of the CannaBiz theme itself.

Customizer options screenshots

CannaBiz theme screenshots

Don’t want to just look at pictures?

Take CannaBiz for a test drive!

Read more about the CannaBiz theme and get your cannabis business looking fresh today!


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