Recent Plugin Updates #7

🎶 It’s the most wonderful time of the year 🎶

… I mean, 4/20 is like the Christmas for Cannabis, right?

Happy Holidaze

So it’s only right that as 4/20 passes, we’re sending out a bunch of updates full of awesome new features!

Along with eCommerce v1.3 which we just published the release notes for, we also released updates to our core WP Dispensary plugin plus a few more of our add-on’s.

Let’s take a look at these updates to find out what’s new!

WP Dispensary v2.8

Version 2.8 of the core WP Dispensary plugin has been updated with a lot of code cleanup and smaller changes to metabox titles.

This release also includes CSS changes of various widths on mobile screens and compound box widths.

The compound details now include a Total % option for your product compounds, and WP Dispensary v2.8 also includes a handful of new filters.

New Filters

  • wpd_data_output_compounds_table
  • wpd_shortcodes_product_price
  • wpd_flowers_pricing_low
  • wpd_flowers_pricing_high
  • wpd_concentrates_pricing_low
  • wpd_concentrates_pricing_high

You can view the entire list of changes in the file.

Product Blocks v1.2

This release of the Product Blocks plugin includes a new filter for product prices and new filters included for the product details of each block.

These filters include:

  • wpd_blocks_product_price
  • wpd_flowers_block_product_details
  • wpd_concentrates_block_product_details
  • wpd_edibles_block_product_details
  • wpd_prerolls_block_product_details
  • wpd_topicals_block_product_details
  • wpd_growers_block_product_details
  • wpd_tinctures_block_product_details
  • wpd_gear_block_product_details

Also in the v1.2 release of our Gutenberg blocks plugin is a change that will hide the Buy Now buttons based on the Require login to shop setting in our eCommerce plugin.

Dispensary Tinctures v1.9

Version 1.9 of our Tinctures add-on brings it up to speed with the new features in our core WP Dispensary plugin.

These changes include adding Tinctures to the compounds filter for admin screens, so now you’re able to add compound details (THC%/CBD%) to your Tinctures products.

WP Dispensary Tinctures Compound Details
click to expand

Also in the version 1.9 release of our Tinctures add-on are changes to the shortcode product titles, switching them from paragraph tags to h2 headings. Also included is general code cleanup and text string updates for localization.

Heavyweights v1.3

With version 1.3 of our Heavyweights add-on, there are 8 new weights for Concentrates products, and 8 additional weights for your Flowers products.

The new weights for Flowers go from 11lb-50lb and the weights added to Concentrates go from 3g-10g!

example eCommerce display

With these new weights, dispensaries can easily have “5g for $100” deals on Concentrates, or include large Flowers quantities for cannabis companies that sell heavyweights directly to dispensaries.

Also included in the Heavyweights v1.3 release are changes to the mobile width of metabox input fields and other general code cleanup.

click to enlarge

Version 1.3 also adds the heavyweights into multiple filters from the core WP Dispensary plugin and the eCommerce add-on that allow the new heavyweight prices to be used in shortcode and single product views.

Also included in Heavyweights v1.3 are a couple of new filters of it’s own:

  • wpd_heavyweights_flowers_weights
  • wpd_heavyweights_concentrates_weights

What’s next?

In the next few weeks we have more updates for our add-on’s in the pipeline, plus a couple of new items being released that I just know you’re going to love!

In the meantime, make sure you’re updating all of the plugins on your website, and if you haven’t got yourself the Pro Package yet. go do that now!

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