Recent Plugin Updates #6

A lot has changed over the last couple of weeks, so we’re back with the sixth installment of our recent plugin updates series to go over what’s new!

With the release of WP Dispensary v2.6, a lot of our add-on’s are getting updates to utilize the new features built into the core plugin.

This post gives a quick overview of the changes to each of the add-on’s that have been recently released.

Dispensary Coupons v1.8

This release focused on code quality, so you’ll find updated function and variable names within the code that match the name style of other WP Dispensary plugins.

There’s also a lot of code cleanup and WordPress Coding Standards updates included in version 1.8 of the Coupons plugin.


Also included in this release are text string updates for localization and re-ordering ofcoupon details metabox, along with support the new editor screen in WordPress 5.0+.

Dispensary Gear v1.8

Version 1.8 of the Gear add-on focuses on utilizing the new helper functions and filters included with WP Dispensary v2.6.

These updates include adding the Gear menu type to the wpd_menu_types helper function, and using the wpd_product_image helper function to display images in the shortcode and widget.

This release also adds the Gear menu type to various filters, like adding the Top Sellers checkbox to Gear products with the wpd_top_sellers_metaboxfilter.

Another filter added in this release is the get_wpd_all_prices_simple filter in WP Dispensary’s core plugin.

Gear v1.8 also includes code cleanup and WordPress Coding Standards updates, plus the Gear categories have been updated to display with Gutenberg.

Dispensary Tinctures v1.7

This release of the Tinctures add-on includes a lot of the same updates to the Gear add-on.

These changes include adding the Tinctures menu type to get_wpd_all_prices_simple, wpd_menu_types and wpd_top_sellers_metabox filters.

Also included are WordPress Coding Standards updates, adding show_in_rest for the Tinctures categories and using the new wpd_product_image helper function in the shortcode and widget.

Version 1.7 of the Tinctures add-on also includes text string updates for localization and changes in how the get_wpd_tinctures_prices_simple function is used.

Top Sellers v1.4

Like the other add-on updates included in this post, version 1.4 of the Top Sellers add-on includes WordPress Coding Standards updates, text string updates for localization and the use of the new wpd_product_image helper function.

This release of the Top Sellers add-on also includes two new filters of it’s own:

  • wpd_top_sellers_metabox
  • wpd_topsellers_widgets

Top Sellers version 1.4 also fixes a couple of small bugs and adds a complete re-write of the [wpd-topsellers] shortcode.

The rewrite utilizes all of the new filters and functions included in WP Dispensary v2.6.

Final notes

There are more updates in the pipeline that will be released in the weeks leading up to 4/20, which is just over a month away!

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