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Recent Plugin Updates #5

For the first plugin updates round up of 2019, we’re going to go over recent releases from the WP Dispensary core plugin, plus three separate pro add-on’s.

Let’s check out what’s new!

WP Dispensary v2.5.5

Since the last set of recent plugin updates there have actually been three separate releases for the core WP Dispensary plugin.

Version 2.5.3 of WP Dispensary included a bug fix for the shortcode meta_key variable misspelling and bug fixes for empty variable warnings when WP_DEBUG is set to true in your website’s wp-config.php file.

There were also updates for mobile CSS styles that updated how the Edit screen in your dashboard displayed, text string updates for localization and general code cleanup.

Version 2.5.4 was released about a week later and included a bug fix for the category option in carousel shortcode args to work with multiple types.

Now if you add category="deals"to the [wpd-carousel]shortcode, it will display all products from every menu type, which works great if you want to display a carousel of products at the top of your menu page to show off featured products.

This release also updated Topical REST API endpoints to include two new fields, updated text strings for localization and also had general code cleanup throughout the plugin.

Most recently, WP Dispensary v2.5.5 was released and in it you can find updates to include both the shelf_type and strain_type to the Flowers, Concentrates and Pre-rolls menu types.

The Growers menu type also has the strain_type taxonomy added to it, so you can now tag your seeds and clones with the strain type (Hybrid, Indica, etc).

Heavyweights v1.2

Version 1.2 of the Heavyweights add-on was also recently released, and included a new function which filters the core WP Dispensary wpd_flowers_weights_array filter to include all of the Heavyweights weights.

This helps our eCommerce add-on to include all Heavyweight prices into the Select a weight option on single product pages.

Heavyweights v1.2 also updates its code to use the wpd_currency_code core helper function, so maintaining the code will now be easier, and also faster since it’s not doubling up on a job that the core WP Dispensary plugin already does for us.

eCommerce v1.1.1

Since we released eCommerce version 1.1 we’ve released a smaller update that focused on bug fixes.

These bug fixes included empty variable warnings and errors with WP_DEBUG set to true, plus a fix for the code that sets the Pay on Pickup price.

Version 1.1.1 of our eCommerce add-on also includes updates to the custom capabilities of the Orders custom post type, which were stopping the View, Edit, Quick Edit and Add New links on the Edit Orders screen.

Also included in this update is the payment method row from order details table if set to 0.00, text string updates for localization and general code cleanup.

Locations v1.5

The Locations add-on has been updated to version 1.5 and comes with a completely re-written shortcode to bring it more in line with the core WP Dispensary shortcodes.

This includes various new shortcode options, like strain_typeshelf_type, total THC and more.

You can see all of the included shortcode options for the wpd-locations shortcode by viewing the documentation for it at this link.

The shortcode also includes bug fixes to help you easily display all of the products that are tagged with a specific location, and also break those down by strain_type, shelf_type, etc.

This way, if you’d like to display ALL products from your menu that are “Top Shelf” and and from a location named “Downriver”, you can do that with the following shortcode:

[wpd-locations title=”Downriver Top Shelf” shelf_type=”top-shelf” location=”downriver”]

Also included in version 1.5 of the Locations add-on are updates to the Locations widget, fixing a bug that caused the category names of products in the Flowers menu type to show, but not in any other menu types.

The widget also has a new option for Menu Item Type so you can now include products from ALL menu types instead of just one.

Like the other updates in this post, Locations v1.5 also includes WordPress Coding Standards updates and general code cleanup.

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