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Recent Plugin Updates #3

In a whirlwind couple of weeks around the WP Dispensary office, there have been updates pushed to a bunch of our products, and a lot of work going on behind the scenes for some big updates that are in the works.

This blog post is going to cover what’s new within the last few weeks since our last round up of plugin updates.

WP Dispensary v2.3

This update for WP Dispensary’s core plugin has a lot of new features and updates packed into it.

WP Dispensary v2.3 now includes 2 grams and 5 grams price options for Flowers, which were the two price points most requested by users.

This gives dispensaries and marijuana delivery services the option to offer special deals for 2g and 5g weights.

Speaking of weights, there is also a new Pre-roll weight metabox option, giving you the ability to easily add different size pre-rolls to your menu.

Version 2.3 of WP Dispensary also includes per pack pricing for Edibles, Pre-rolls and Growers items, giving you the ability to list prices for individual units and also X units per pack.

The Edibles menu type also has a new allergens taxonomy, so you can add information for your patients who may have allergies to things like soy, wheat, gluten, peanuts, etc.

Also new in this release is the strain type taxonomy added to Flowers, Concentrates and Pre-rolls. Now you can easily tag items as Indica, Hybrid, Sativa, or whatever strain type names you’d like to use.

WP Dispensary version 1.3 also includes various updates to things like language translations, multiple bug fixes and code enhancements.

You can read the full Changelog here.

Dispensary Gear v1.5

In the version 1.5 release of our Dispensary Gear plugin, we’ve updated the output of the word “Gear” throughout the plugin to change depending on the permalink base you input (if any).

This means that if you change your “gear” permalink base to “merchandise”, the archive page, shortcode and widget will all display “Merchandise” instead of “Gear”.

Dispensary Gear v1.5 also updates the code within it to use new functionality included in the WP Dispensary core plugin.

The currency code displayed throughout the Dispensary Gear plugin now uses the wpd_currency_code() function that is has been included in WP Dispensary since v2.0.

Version 1.5 of the Gear plugin also changes the table display text options to include the new WP Dispensary Settings options for Prices and Donations.

Rounding out the release are updates to text strings throughout the plugin, making it easier for the plugin to be translated into various languages.

Dispensary Tinctures v1.4

Following in the footsteps of the Gear v1.5 add-on update, this update of the Dispensary Tinctures plugin includes it’s own “Tinctures” text updates based on the permalink base you add (if any).

There’s also updates to the text strings used throughout the plugin which helps with plugin translation, plus updates to the currency code output using the wpd_currency_code() function, and the Prices & Details table phrase updates.

Also included in Dispensary Tinctures v1.4 is an update to the shortcode which adds a custom shortcode $atts filter name.

This helps customize output of the data within the Dispensary Tinctures shortcode display based on the new wpd_tinctures filter name.

Dispensary Tinctures v1.4’s release also includes the allergens taxonomy which was included in WP Dispensary v2.3, as well as code enhancements.

This update addresses a bug with the data output which previously displayed Tinctures product details in other menu type’s details tables when it shouldn’t have.

Dispensary Coupons v1.6

This release of the Dispensary Coupons add-on is a small, but useful one.

Version 1.6 includes permalink updates to match the recent updates to WP Dispensary, Dispensary Gear and Dispensary Tinctures.

What this does is include the coupons permalink base option in your WordPress dashboard. You can see this setting by going to Settings -> Permalinks.

Changing the permalink base means that if you have a coupon added, your URL looks like this by default:


As of version 1.6 of the Dispensary Coupons plugin, you can now change the permalink base to something like “deals”, which will then make your URL look like this:


A small update, but one that gives you more control to customize exactly how your data is displayed to  your website visitors.

Menu Styles v1.3

This update to the Menu Styles add-on actually got it’s own full blog post with release notes, which you can read here.

As a quick overview of what’s been added in this release, there is now full support built in for the Tinctures add-on, and the list display style has been updated to include/hide various extra details for each product.

There were also various other code enhancements done throughout the plugin, both in terms of visual updates (CSS/style) and functionality.

Coming Soon: WP Dispensary’s eCommerce add-on

We’re edging closer to the release of our eCommerce solution and it’s feeling fucking great!

There’s not a lot that I can say just yet about what’s going to be included, because it’s still in a very active state of development, but what I can tell you is this:

It’s going to change everything.

The eCommerce add-on is something that has been in the planning stages for a long, long time and over recent months it has been actively worked on to bring it to life.

While this isn’t the final look for the way a single product will display in the new WP Dispensary eCommerce extension, here is a sneak peak at what you can expect.

WP Dispensary eCommerce plugin for WordPress

And this is just a small piece of what I hope becomes the cornerstone for the next phase of WP Dispensary and what we can do for you; the owners, managers, developers and hired hands looking to put together a complete online ordering solution.

As we get closer to the 3 year anniversary of WP Dispensary, this is a topic that will undoubtedly be discussed further, both here and in our newsletter.

If I haven’t said it enough here on the blog yet, I appreciate you – for taking time to read these updates, use the WP Dispensary products and share it with others.

I appreciate you!

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