Marijuana Stock Photography

Free Marijuana stock photography for your cannabis business

At WP Dispensary, we’re not just looking to be another WordPress plugin you use for your website. Instead, we want to provide your cannabis industry business with everything you need to build a powerful, professional web presence; this includes our add-ons as well as marijuana stock photography.

To support that effort, today we’re proud to announce another section of WP Dispensary to help you grow your cannabis business: free marijuana stock photography!

Free marijuana stock photography

We realize that not every cannabis business will have access to high quality stock photography that you can use on your website or other design related efforts.

Our hope is that this set of marijuana stock photos will help you build better websites, and present your cannabis business with the highest level of professionalism possible.

Below you will find four examples of the photos you can expect in our initial offering of 25 cannabis stock photos.

Download and use them in any project you’d like, they’re 100% free to use with no attribution required.

We only ask that you do not re-sell the photos.

Example Stock Photos

Download Now!

If you like the marijuana stock photos we’ve provided, please send a link to this post through your Twitter or Facebook accounts and help us spread the freebies around 🙂

Moving forward

As we continue to grow WP Dispensary, we’ll be adding more free weed stock photography for your cannabis business and posting them here through the blog.

You can sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with new releases. You can also keep an eye on the Freebies category of our blog, where we’ll be posting every time there’s new photo sets.

Need specific photos?

If you need cannabis photos for a project and do not see anything in our freebies section to use, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do help.

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