WP Dispensary's Patient Verification Settings

eCommerce v1.1 Release Notes

If you’re looking for the right eCommerce solution for your online dispensary or delivery service, you’ve come to the right placeĀ šŸ‘

AND – because you are looking for only the absolute best dispensary eCommerce plugin, our eCommerce add-on is being updated to version 1.1!

This update comes packed with a bunch of new options for patient verification, requiring a minimum order amount before checkout and other various style updates and bug fixes.

Require a minimum amount before checkout

In version 1.1 of our eCommerce extension, you can now find a new input field in WP Dispensary’s Settings page for a minimum dollar amount to require before allowing checkout.

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If you add in a number – 100 – your patients will then be met with a new error message if they try to checkout without reaching the $100 threshold.

example notification on Checkout page

Added 4 new patient verification fields

Version 1.1 also includes new patient verification field options. In your WP Dispensary Settings page you’ll seea new “Patients” tab, which has checkbox options for you to hide/show each field.

WP Dispensary's Patient Verification Settings
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The newly include verification fields are:

  • Doctor Recommendation
  • Driver’s License or Valid ID
  • Recommendation Number
  • Recommendation Expiration Date

Which will display the following on the front end of your website in the Account page’s Details tab.

WP Dispensary's Patient Verification fields in eCommerce add-on
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Various style updates & code enhancements

This release also includes text string updates for localization, and updates to various areas of code to use new helper functions in WP Dispensary’s core plugin.

Also included are CSS updates to the Account login/registration form, and general code cleanup to help the plugin be easier to maintain going forward.

Download eCommerce v1.1

For those of you who have purchased a copy of the eCommerce add-on or the Pro Package, you can find the most updated version to download in your Account’s orders page.

If you haven’t got your copy yet but you would like a simple and easy to use solution for patient verification and pre-orders / delivery, header over to the eCommerce product page and download it now!

Bugfixes in eCommerce version 1.1.1

Since the initial release of v1.1 of the eCommerce add-on, there have been a few bug fixes and code updates which have been packaged and released as v1.1.1

These bug fixes include removing code that disabled the view, edit, andĀ quick edit links, and add new button in the Orders area of your admin dashboard.

There’s also bugs squashed that were effecting the capabilities set for Orders, and error notices that were displaying on the screen when using WP_DEBUG.

Again, if you already purchased a copy of the eCommerce add-on or Pro Package, you can always find the most updated version in your Account’s orders page.

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