Dispensary Top Sellers Version 1.3

Our Top Sellers add-on has just been updated to version 1.3, bringing with it some bug fixes that help the way widgets & shortcodes display your menu’s top selling items.

WP Dispensary Top Sellers add-on

Widget updates

Previously, the Top Sellers widget would randomize the items displayed (if the checkbox was selected), but it would pull from all items instead of only items marked as top sellers.

With the version 1.3 release, the Top Sellers widget will display only items that have been marked as top sellers, regardless if you choose to randomize the output or not.

Shortcode updates

We’ve also made some updates to the shortcodes with this release.

For instance, we included the display of top selling items from your Growers menu type, which wasn’t added to the WP Dispensary plugin until after the last release of our Top Sellers add-on.

We also updated the code to fix some bugs that were causing the item information (price, THC%, etc) to not display, even if you had info="show" set in your shortcode settings.

dispensary top sellers trophy icons

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