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Dispensary Locations version 1.3

This update to our Dispensary Locations add-on focuses on the included shortcodes, to give you more control and integration with the Connect for WooCommerce add-on.

Version 1.3 also introduces the locations endpoint to the REST API, so you can now get your data and use it with the code language of yours (or your cannabis website development company) choice.

Let’s start by taking a deeper look at what updates have been included in the [wpd-locations] shortcode.

Shortcode updates

When the locations add-on was originally released, the core WP Dispensary plugin was still in it’s infancy, and the code within the locations add-on never got the growth that the core WPD plugin did.

Version 1.3 has completely rewrote the shortcode and included a lot of the new features that WP Dispensary itself has now.

For instance, there’s now the action hooks from the core WPD shortcodes included within the locations shortcode.

WP Dispensary menu example

This means that the Connect for WooCommerce’s View Details & Buy Now buttons will display with the items.

The action hooks also help the Top Sellers add-on apply it’s trophy icon to your menu items, so these will now display with your location-specific menu display.

There’s also new shortcode options included for thc, cbd, orderby, and imgsize.

All available options:

[wpd-locations posts="9" class="" name="show" info="show" imgsize="dispensary-image" thc="" cbd="" title="California Location Flowers" location="california" orderby="" type="flowers"]

The locations shortcode also includes new action hooks specifically for the locations shortcode boxes:

  • wpd_shortcode_top_locations
  • wpd_shortcode_bottom_locations

There is also a filter added within the shortcode so other plugins like our Gear add-on can tap into it and add their custom menu type to available list of options in the shortcode.

Locations REST API endpoint

This plugin has also added a custom REST API endpoint for your locations to all menu types that come with WP Dispensary.

This means if you or a developer you hired is writing code to work with your WP Dispensary menu’s REST API data, you can now see all locations that are added to each menu item and manipulate it as needed.

You can add the following to your website’s URL and you will be able to see the data provided.


The dispensary_locations endpoint is also added to each individual menu type, which you can see by looking at your dispensary menu’s flowers.


Locations are also also added to Concentrates, Edibles, Pre-rolls, Topicals, and Growers menu types.

Download the Locations add-on

If you would like to purchase the Locations add-on, you can do that by heading over to the Locations product page.

If you have already purchased the Locations add-on, the All-in-one Bundle or Setup Service you will receive update instructions via email.

I sincerely hope that WP Dispensary helps your business grow in 2018 and beyond!

Helping your cannabis business succeed is the #1 item on WPD’s business goals list, so please reach out through support if you have any questions or if you feel we can help in any way.


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