Release notes for our Dispensary Gear add-on

Over the last few months we’ve had a lot of dispensary owners ask for a way to display their vape pens, grinders and glassware, etc.

Today, WP Dispensary is happy to release a new free extension that adds a new menu type to easily display the gear that your cannabusiness offers.

In our continued effort for WP Dispensary to be the #1 online menu management solution for dispensaries and delivery services, we’ve created a new add-on that will do just that – and we’re giving it away for free.

WP Dispensary’s Gear add-on

When originally looking to add a Gear menu type, the plan was to simply add it into the core WP Dispensary plugin.

However, after weighing out the options I quickly realized that not everyone will need a gear section for their menu, so building it as a separate module to work alongside WPD seemed best.

What’s included

Right out of the gate, the Gear add-on makes use of all features that the default menu types use.

Lets take a look at some of those features.

Display Options

There are a couple of ways you can display your dispensary gear throughout your website that have been included by default.

dispensary gear widget displayDispensary Gear Widget

The first option is to display your gear with the included widget.

The widget comes with options to choose if you’d like to display the product’s image, title and category.

There is also an option to change the image size to any of the included image sizes in WP Dispensary.

Dispensary Gear Shortcode

The other option for displaying your dispensary gear on your website is by using the included shortcode:

[wpd-gear title="" posts="100" info="show" image="show" imgsize="dispensary-image" class=""]

By adding the wpd-gear shortcode to a post or page on your website, you can display the gear you’ve added to your menu, like this:


For developers who would like to utilize the data from your dispensary menu but display it in various ways outside of traditional WordPress methods, we’ve made sure your data is shown with the rest of your website’s WP REST API data.

If you would like to see what the REST API data looks like for your store, simply add /wp-json/wp/v2/gear/ to your website’s URL.

What’s next

Now that the Gear add-on has been released, there are a few of our add-on’s that will now accommodate the Gear menu type (Connect for WooCommerce, Top Sellers, ‘Vendors’ from the main WPD plugin, etc).

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Download Dispensary Gear

You can download the Dispensary Gear WordPress plugin via the official WordPress plugin directory.

You can also download it directly from your WordPress dashboard by going to Plugins - Add New and searching for Dispensary Gear.


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