Dispensary Details for WooCommerce

Due to popular request, we’ve put together a new plugin that you can download and use with your WooCommerce powered store today.

Dispensary Details for WooCommerce adds cannabis details to your WooCommerce products.

Add product details directly to WooCommerce

Built to take the dispensary specific details that are found in WP Dispensary’s core plugin and add them to WooCommerce, this plugin operates 100% independently from WPD and it’s add-on’s.

So if you’ve got a website already set up with WooCommerce (or would rather use WC instead of WP Dispensary 😢), you can now add in cannabis specific product details, allowing your patients to get a more in depth look at your menu.

Included dispensary details

The Dispensary Details for WooCommerce plugin is perfect for dispensaries and delivery services who are looking to enhance an already exisiting WooCommerce shop.

Included are: Compound Details, Edible Details, Topical Details, Growers.

woocommerce marijuana plugin
WooCommerce cannabis shop plugin - Edibles details - WP Dispensary
Dispensary Details - Topicals - Cannabis shop plugin - WP Dispensary
Grower details for WooCommerce - WP Dispensary

Also, categorize your menu items by: Aromas, Flavors, Effects, Symptoms, Ingredients and Vendors.

WooCommerce marijuana plugin - WP Dispensary

Instantly displayed on the front end of your cannabis shop’s website

This plugin will automatically add a new Details product tab along with the Description and Reviews tabs.

Each product will output the information you added to it in a clean table layout, making it easy for patients to view the cannabis specific details.

DIspensary Details for WooCommerce - front end table display
Example display in Twentyseventeen theme

The table will still retain your theme’s style for text links and font color/size/weight, blending itself cleanly into your website and brand styles.

Download Dispensary Details for WooCommerce now!

View full details and download instructions on the Dispensary Details for WooCommerce page.


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