WP Dispensary eCommerce plugin for WordPress

WP Dispensary v2.5 Release Notes

WP Dispensary version 2.5 is out in the wild and packed with all kinds of awesome updates! Helping celebrate WP Dispensary’s 3rd birthday, not only did we release our new eCommerce add-on, but we also released WPD v2.5. This blog post is going to cover the updates and new features in WP Dispensary v2.5, including […]

WP Dispensary Plugin Updates - WordPress Cannabis Plugins

Recent Plugin Updates #3

In a whirlwind couple of weeks around the WP Dispensary office, there have been updates pushed to a bunch of our products, and a lot of work going on behind the scenes for some big updates that are in the works. This blog post is going to cover what’s new within the last few weeks […]

WP Dispensary Plugin Updates - WordPress Cannabis Plugins

Recent Plugin Updates #2

WP Dispensary and it’s extensions have seen a lot of upgrades over the last few weeks, and I’m not even including the redesign of the CannaBiz theme in it’s v2.1 release 4 days ago. As mentioned in the previous round of plugin updates, we’re back with a brand new set of releases for WP Dispensary and its […]

Recent Plugin Updates

There are small updates happening at a rapid pace across our entire ecosystem of extensions, in preparation for the new shopping cart add-on (codename: CannaCart) that’s in the works (see teaser here). Instead of publishing short posts about each one individually, this post will give quick overviews of the updates to each respective plugin. WP […]

WP Dispensary v2.0 Release Notes

From WP Dispensary’s humble beginnings when it was first released in Nov 2015, I knew that WPD was something worth putting my blood, sweat and tears into. The last couple of years building WP Dispensary into what it is today has been the most wonderfully stressful, exciting, fulfilling roller coaster ride I’ve ever been on. […]

WP Dispensary version 1.9.9

WP Dispensary Version 1.9.9

A little over a week after our last release, we’ve come back with version 1.9.9 of WP Dispensary. This update comes with a few enhancements you’re sure to enjoy,  plus some code edits and bug fixes. This release is the also the last release before version 2.0, which is slated to be released early in […]

WP Dispensary menu management

WP Dispensary version 1.9.8

We updated the WP Dispensary menu management plugin to version 1.9.8 which includes changes to the way your WordPress admin dashboard displays the WP Dispensary related links. An updated menu experience With this update, we’ve focused on updated the user experience within your WordPress dashboard. Previous versions of WPD had a WP Dispensary menu link in […]

WooConnect version 1.2 - add-on for WP Dispensary and WooCommerce

WooConnect Version 1.2

We’ve just updated our WooConnect add-on that connects WP Dispensary to WooCommerce. This update brings you the ability to hide the file upload form on the cart/checkout, as well as some general code clean up to help prepare for future releases. Take pre-orders on your website with WPD & WooCommerce For those of you who aren’t […]