WP Dispensary's Patient Verification Settings

eCommerce v1.1 Release Notes

If you’re looking for the right eCommerce solution for your online dispensary or delivery service, you’ve come to the right place 👍 AND – because you are looking for only the absolute best dispensary eCommerce plugin, our eCommerce add-on is being updated to version 1.1! This update comes packed with a bunch of new options for […]

WP Dispensary eCommerce software

WP Dispensary eCommerce Release Notes

It’s been three years since WP Dispensary version 1.0 was officially released. Happy birthday to us – and happy birthday to YOU, because today we’re celebrating by releasing our new eCommerce add-on. WP Dispensary eCommerce software From it’s humble beginnings in 2015, WP Dispensary has set out to be one thing – the #1 online menu […]

Recent Plugin Updates #4

It’s the holiday season AND we’re also just a few days away from WP Dispensary turning 3 years old, so what better way to celebrate than with a bunch of product releases?!?! In the continued effort to make WP Dispensary the #1 open source cannabis software solution for dispensaries and delivery services, today we are […]

WP Dispensary Plugin Updates - WordPress Cannabis Plugins

Recent Plugin Updates #3

In a whirlwind couple of weeks around the WP Dispensary office, there have been updates pushed to a bunch of our products, and a lot of work going on behind the scenes for some big updates that are in the works. This blog post is going to cover what’s new within the last few weeks […]

WP Dispensary's Styles add-on

Menu Styles v1.3 Release Notes

Our Menu Styles extension has been updated and includes upgrades and bug fixes that make the version 1.3 release it’s best yet (I know, cliche right?) Let’s dive into what is new for this release! Added support for Tinctures When version 1.2 of the Menu styles add-on was released, the Tinctures add-on hadn’t been released […]

Accurate Stock Quantity Management with the Dispensary Details for WooCommerce plugin

Dispensary Details for WooCommerce v1.3 Release Notes

Fair Warning: because of this new release, the excitement levels are extremely high around the office. See what I did there? But why all the excitement, you might ask? Because the v1.3 release of Dispensary Details for WooCommerce marks the beginning of accurate stock quantity management for your dispensary with WooCommerce. Better Stock Quantity Management for Dispensaries […]


Dispensary Details for WooCommerce v1.2 Release Notes

As summer continues to warm up, so do the add-on’s for WP Dispensary, and today we’re releasing some new đŸ”„đŸ”„ for our Dispensary Details for WooCommerce plugin. Version 1.2 adds new detail options for tinctures to your WooCommerce products, as well as two new Settings options. Let’s break down each of the new features in […]


Dispensary Details for WooCommerce v1.1 Release Notes

In our continued effort to provide the absolute best cannabis software solution for dispensaries and delivery services, the Dispensary Details for WooCommerce add-on is being updated with a bunch of new features. New tab added to WooCommerce Settings The biggest change in this release is the inclusion of a new Dispensary Details tab in the […]