Our CannaBiz theme is 1 year old!

We’re continuing our #CannaBizWeek celebration with the 1 year birthday of our CannaBiz WordPress theme!

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While it’s felt like the year has gone by too fast, looking back we’re able to see a lot of things have actually happened in the last year.

This post is going to cover the CannaBiz launch, growth over the last year and what’s coming next.

A brief history

When the WP Dispensary was first released, one of my main objectives was to make sure it worked well with any WordPress theme – and it does.

But I also wanted to make sure that all aspects of the plugin were being considered with the theme that you use, so the CannaBiz theme was built as a compliment to the WP Dispensary plugin.

Over the last year, I’ve seen numerous websites built with CannaBiz and it’s proving to be the rock solid theme that I hoped it would be for the cannabis industry.

CannaBiz theme launch & updates

On June 13th 2016 we released the first version of the CannaBiz WordPress theme. The initial theme was well built and had a lot of nice features already baked in.

It worked with the WP Dispensary plugin, which when used together complimented your marijuana menu nicely.

A few months later we updated the CannaBiz theme, releasing version 1.1 on October 12th, 2016.

This version updated a bunch of CSS bugs, as well as adding the “Pages” section to the theme customizer.

From there we kept track of all support requests that came in, and releasedĀ version 1.2 of CannaBiz on December 19th 2016.

This version updated another large set of bugs and code enhancements, as well as added in theme template files for the Topicals and Growers menu types from WP Dispensary.

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We released version 1.3 on January 26th of this year, which marked the first release for CannaBiz in 2017.

Continuing with the bug fixes and enhancements, this version squashed a bunch of CSS bugs as well as added in new color options into the theme customizer, giving you even more control over how your website looks.

The most recent update (as of the writing of this post), is version 1.4 and was released on March 31st 2017.

With this version, we added in the ability for you to choose a custom font within the theme customizer, giving you further control of how well your website design matches your company brand style.

And as with previous versions, there were bug fixes and CSS updates in this update as well.

What’s coming next?

We’re already hard at work on version 1.5 which will have a lot of nice feature enhancements in it, as well as more bugs being squashed.

And as we continue to move forward with the WP Dispensary plugin and it’s add-on’s, the CannaBiz theme will continue to get updates and enhancements to keep it as the #1 WordPress theme for the cannabis industry.

In the meantime, we’re going to be celebrating the CannaBiz WordPress theme’s 1st birthday with cake & cannabis šŸ™‚

Birthday Cake - Faded - CannaBiz Theme Birthday

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