Configuring WP Dispensary Settings

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On this page we’re going to walk through the settings available in WP Dispensary.

You’ll find information about General WP Dispensary settings as well as additional Product, Tax, Payments, Accounts, Patient Verification settings included in our eCommerce add-on.

Display Settings

The following settings change the way your products display content on the front end of your website.

Compounds table

This table shows up for various product types and will display all compound details: THC%, CBD%, etc.

WP Dispensary Settings Compounds Table

Details table

This table shows up for all product types and will display extra product details: Vendors, Strain type, Shelf type, Categories, etc.

WP Dispensary Settings Details Table

Pricing table

This table will display the price details for each product you publish.

WP Dispensary Settings Pricing Table

Please note: our eCommerce add-on removes this setting and displays products with a custom template.

General Settings

The following settings change the way items are displayed on the front end of your website.


Choose the default currency for your store. Only one may be selected.

WP Dispensary Settings Currency

eCommerce Settings

The following settings are for users of our eCommerce add-on. If you’re not using this add-on, please skip to the Pages Settings.


Enable taxes that are applied to the cart and checkout process for your patients. Leaving the input fields blank will disable the tax.

Sales Tax

Apply a sales tax (%) to orders placed on your website.

Excise Tax

Apply an excise tax (%) to orders placed on your website.

WP Dispensary Settings Sales and Excise Taxes


These settings effect the way WP Dispensary works on the front end of your website.

Require login to shop

You can lock-down your cart and checkout functionality for any website visitor who’s not logged in.

WP Dispensary Settings Cart require login to shop


These settings change the way your checkout process works for patients.

Minimum Order

This option allows you to require a minimum order amount before the checkout will allow the patient to place an order.

Allow Coupons

When using our free Coupons add-on, you can check the box for this setting to allow patients to apply coupon codes during checkout.

WP Dispensary Settings Checkout Minimum order and coupons

Payment Settings

These settings will change the payment options and additional fees (if any) on the front end.

  • Cash on delivery
  • Pay on pickup
  • Ground shipping

Each of these settings have a checkbox to turn the payment option on, and an input field for the amount you would like to charge (if any) for the payment option your patient selects.

For the Ground Shipping instructions box, this can be used to display payment info for your patient on the checkout page.

WP Dispensary Settings Payments

Patient Settings

By default, our eCommerce add-on will display four verification fields:

  • Drivers license / Valid ID
  • Doctor recommendation
  • Recommendation number
  • Expiration date

These can be hidden by clicking the checkbox in the settings page.

Page Settings

Pages need to be set so WP Dispensary knows where to send users to perform certain actions:

  • Menu Page – This page is where you will display your products.
  • Cart Page – This page shows the current items in your patient’s cart.
  • Checkout Page – This page lets your customer enter their payment information and submit orders.
  • Account page – This page customers will go to view their orders or update their account details.

You aren’t required to use the pages WP Dispensary installs, but you must have a page set for the Cart and Checkout pages. Otherwise your patients cannot place orders.

These pages are created and set when WP Dispensary is installed and activated.

WP Dispensary Settings Pages

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